Dec 11, 2010

There's More

The music plays, Manny is happy.  He dances, sings, giggles, moves his arms. 

The music stops, he cries.  He isn't pitching a fit, it's like he is truly sad. 

It's a little bit funny. 

One week we had our Mentor come and play worship and praise music on his guitar at church and Manny was getting into it.  Song would end and he would bawl.  Everyone laughed.  The guitarist eventually learned to go straight from one song to the next without any pause.  Problem solved. 

He does this when you sing too. 

He mostly does it when there's a grand finale.  He cries before it's even over.  He knows it's coming. 

And one day, I got a flash of why he does this.  Like a quick vision and realized it wasn't about the music endind.  I said to him, "There's more."  And he slowed down his crying. 

And I went on.  "When you take your last breath, hopefully a long time from now, there's more.  This life is only a short song and then we take our last breath and it ends.  But there's more.  It doesn't end."

He stopped crying and as clearly as I've ever heard anything he said, "I know." 

By now both of our eyes were full of tears.

Today, Manny did it again.  The song ended and I said to him, "There's more" and immediately burst into tears.  I wept for all the people who live their lives not knowing.  Who die not knowing.  Those who take their last breaths not sure if this is it or not.  I cannot imagine. 

And I just want to scoop every single one of them up, wipe their tears and tell them, "This life is just one short song.  There's more!  MUCH more." 


  1. AMEN!! A totally, TOTALLY inspired message. The things that God teach us through our children will never cease to amaze me.

    BLESS you, dear Bethie. Bless you, dear Manny. Bless the least, the last and the lost, dear Lord.

  2. Beautiful post!!


  3. So sweet... hugs to you and my Man Manny.

  4. Oh, such a wonderful post.
    Sweet, sweet Manny...ALL the things he teaches you...

  5. There is a wonderful children's book called, "More, More, More, Said the Baby", by Vera B. Williams. Your kids would love reading it over and over again to Manny. Your posts these last couple days have brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for the love of Christ you share from the depths of your being.

    Carolyn (in Las Vegas)
    Mother to Joy Lin Lu Shen adopted 9/23/97