Feb 15, 2010

Not so hypothetical anymore

I don't know about you but I've heard a hypothetical religious debate for years.  It goes like this:

People are discussing what happens to people/souls after they take their last breath on Earth.  Whatever people believe, they are often very, very firm in their beliefs on this topic.  But the truth is ... we don't know.  I mean I believe the Bible so that's my point of view, my lens from which I view this debate.  But the truth is ... it's still a step of faith that this is the way it is.

Then there are differing viewpoints even within Christianity.  And those people are SURE they know what happens.  Most people believe something akin to - Good people go to heaven, bad people go to hell.  But it's not that simple.  Somewhere along the lines, the question arises:

 "What about babies born in China?" 

Then there are two main points of view at this juncture. 1) God is a just God and if you did not receive Jesus Christ as your personal savior, you are doomed to hell. Even if you died soon after birth.  2) There is some kind of "exception clause" for such cases.

Then people go on their merry way and don't consider it any further.  Afterall, they are just hypothetical babies anyway.

So what's the problem?  They're not hypothetical children to me any more.  Starting this year (hopefully), we will be taking these babies into our foster home.  We plan to take some of the critically ill babies.  Some might not survive very long.  This is NOT hypothetical.

Now I am personally at peace about this situation.  I personally have a point of view in which I am not tortured by this question.  But as we go forward, I'm noticing I'm tripping over this line with a lot of people.  Each time, I'm having to deal with it again.

My point?  What do YOU believe happens to these non-hypothetical babies?


  1. Wow Beth. Heavy question. And a good one to think about. I do not for a second believe these babies are doomed to an eternity in hell. Actually, they have often experienced their hell on earth. And with a little help, your home will share a bit of heaven on earth with them. I can't say I feel 100% sure I know what happens after we die, but I believe the innocent are spared from judgement. These non-hyothetical babies are pure goodness, straight from God's own heart.

  2. George Thomas ~ Don't know. They can't accept Christ at that age let alone comprehend or reason.

    But let's look at God's track record. He comes to earth as a human and DIES for our sins then gives us eternal life; all through His grace.

    He died for David who killed a man. He died for Saul/Paul who pursecuted His church.

    I believe an all loving God who would go through such great lengths to forgive us of our sins by dying for us, then giving us eternal life by His resurrection, again all through grace... well I'd have a hard time believe those babies who died are in hell.

    But I don't know, Bible doesn't say. But I DO KNOW God would know what to do with those little babies and by His track record, don't think it is hell.