Feb 12, 2010

Some words are just yuckier than others

I think I'm finally ready to tell my story.  Some of you know this and for some it will be a little shock. 

May 2008 I got strep from the kids. Antibiotic. Drug reaction. Stopped the drug. Still had rash. Guttate Psoriasis was the diagnosis. Topical and oral steroids. Done.

During that time, I had a lymph node in my armpit that was enlarged.  That's what it is SUPPOSED to do so I thought nothing of it. 

A year later, it was still there.  Oh. Doctor visit. She wanted it biopsied so she sent me to a surgeon. The surgeon wanted to do further tests first.  Mammogram, MRI, Ultrasound.  All looked fairly normal ... just a whole bunch of swollen lymph nodes all over. All looked benign.  Great!  Surgeon said to come back in 6 months for another ultrasound.  Primary doctor was not happy, she wanted them out, but deferred to the Surgeon.

Last week was the 6 month follow up with ultrasound.  Showed the largest one was about the same size but the second one was a bit larger.  Still looked completely benign.  (Still good.) 

The weird part was that I can now feel a lot more.  One in my left armpit, some in each groin, several down the back of my neck and one just above the collarbone.  I have no symptoms of being very ill, just minor stuff.  (Hey, I'm 40, I figured I was supposed to start aching.) 

The surgeon was greatly concerned and got me in to see the Hematologist/Oncologist.  (THOSE are some of the yuckiest words in world I think.)  The surgeon wanted to rule out lymphoma.  She wanted him to do a workup since this is his area of expertise.  If not lymphoma, it's something systemic.  See the lymphs are still doing their job ... collecting yucky things in my body.  But what?  What is being collected? THAT is the question. 

Today was the visit with the Hematologist/Oncologist.  It was surreal just walking in there.  There were about 20 chairs in this one room all set up for chemo patients.  Just kinda took that in for a second.  So many, many sad faces in that room.  There was a hush in there.  Zoe was with me and she didn't understand why thy all looked so sad.  I told her they were just sick and didn't feel well.  And she said, "Jesus heal them!"  I think He heard that prayer! 

The Doctor was very nice.  He asked questions.  He felt the nodes.  He ordered blood tests.  We will know more in a few weeks (some of the tests take 2-3 weeks to run).  In the meantime, he said he didn't think it felt like lymphoma.  (I hadn't used that word but he knew this is what all my symptoms point to.) I felt a huge weight come off as THIS is the doctor who feels these things.  He says this doesn't feel like it.  AWESOME news!  But he was still a bit concerned that I should have so many.  They're not HUGE, but there are a lot of them and they are all over the body. 

So what is it?  We won't know for a while probably.  He is still leaning against biopsy at this point.  Which is great with me as I'm always against being cut open!  All things point to something viral or systemic.  We just don't know which one so we don't know how to treat it. 

We are praying for divine intervention.  It can just go away on its own or I will take medicine when we know what it is.  Either way, God gets the glory and HE is my Deliverer, Healer, Protector.  The rest of this story is just not written yet.  But I'll give you a hint ... it ends with me being healthy and praising God. 

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