Feb 3, 2010

Time distortion

I'm a huge LOST fan.  I really love how there are flash forwards, flash backs, trips in time and now what the heck is going on?  I feel all warm and tingly trying to figure out the mystery.  I'm actually THANKFUL for the commercial breaks so I can get my blood pressure down and my brain around what I just saw.  I'd been looking forward to this season premiere for MONTHS.

In my own life ... I HATE time distortions.  They drive me batty.  Like I was waiting for something that was 6 months away.  Seemed like a blink and it was 5 1/2 months.  Then the last two weeks D R U G on like 2 months.  Or today, I'm waiting for a call and it seems like every minute is an eternity.

I think God sees time in a different way than we do too.  If a day is like 1000 years ... uh, we have some MAJOR time distortion going on.  So if that's the case, no wonder it seems like an ETERNITY to us and it's just a blip on the screen for God.

I don't know about you but God seems to have a sense of humor about time.  At least He does in MY life.  Metaphorically speaking, it seems he waits until the first stroke of midnight to show up in a situation.  Up until that time, I'm worrying, figuring, planning, eventually give it to God, pick it back up again, lay it back down at the foot of the cross, repeat.  Then SWOOP.  In pops the Hero and makes it all right ... better than I could have done.

I'm learning how to wait later and later until I start my worry loop.  It used to be at 10 pm, then I extended the worrying until 11 pm.  Now, I'm actually pretty good.  I can wait until about 11:55 pm before I start to panic.  (THAT'S progress!)

I am learning that He WILL show up.  He WILL be the hero.  I think where I'm stuck now is making sure I'm doing ALL *I* am supposed to do while I wait and not just be sitting on the couch hoping God will take care of it ALL.

I'm famous for ministering this to people ... People say "God, guide my steps" but they aren't walking, they're couch potatoes!  God (rarely) makes people get off the couch and start walking.  It's hard to guide the steps of someone who is sitting!!!  So if you need God to guide your steps, get up, start walking.  Then listen.  He WILL guide where you should place your steps.  But if you're like me, He probably won't give any/much of a game plan until AFTER you take your first step.

It's like wanting a flower garden but not planting any seeds.

The time is NOW.  It's the first stroke of midnight.

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