Jan 11, 2011

Ooodles and Ooodles of fun

Last Wednesday, Manny stopped peeing.  He would scream in pain every time he would try.  Friday afternoon he started peeing again.  But those 48 hours in between were TORTURE for all of us.  Yes I talked to the surgeon, his office, his replacement, his nurse, our home health nurse, our pediatrician, etc.  No one could seem to help us in the meantime.  "Warm compresses and tylenol"  that was the only advice. 

Today we went for his Urology surgery follow up and yippee.  It's all healing nicely.  Going as planned.  In fact he said, "Have a nice life" which was his way of saying we wouldn't be needing any follow up.  Now or in the future.  So that is awesome news. 

Sunday, Luke (7) and Kaley (11) woke up with sore necks.  I can't think of anything physical they did that could cause it but that's the most likely thought.  But Luke was also acting sick.  The family went to the park and he didn't want to run and play, just sit near me.  He didn't want to eat.  Just generally yucky.  By Sunday night, he had a huge fever and the neck was a lot more stiff, headache and photophobia.  (Very dangerous signs I know.)

We decided to put him in our room for the night and just watch him very closely.  Monday morning he was still burning up (104.1 while ON tylenol/motrin alternating).  Pediatrician was sick herself and she said with those symptoms she would send him right on to the ER.  So off to the ER for us. 

Kind of crazy ... they know me there.  Mostly because of Manny.  (He's quite unforgettable.)  I wheeled Manny in his wheelchair and of course everyone thought it was for him.  Manny was thrilled it wasn't!

Luke had chest xray, many blood tests, a strep test and a flu test.  They also gave him more tylenol and more motrin along with iv fluids.  By the time we left it was only 102.1  Results?  Influenza A and Strep.  On top of it, it's horrible allergy season here and he has horrible allergies. 

Meanwhile, we kept Kaley home from school due to her sore neck.  We figured that she would soon follow the same path of Luke to high fever.  But thankfully, it never happened! 

Today, Luke is still running a pretty high fever 102.1 and is generally miserable.  Sleeping a lot.  Hungry but not able to really eat when it comes down to it. 

Mostly I've been afraid that Manny would get this.  Then I remembered he had the flu shot.  HOPEFULLY this will cover him. 

But wouldn't you know it?  Just now he had some tummy symptoms (and I'll leave it at that).  And is running a low grade fever.  (sigh)

So I know you're all jealous of me and my glamorous life!  And the ooodles and ooodles of fun we're having around here.

And just in case you're wondering if this fun might be over ... we have an IEP meeting tomorrow for Kaley.  The fun just NEVER ends around here! :) 

Blessings everyone.


  1. whew! I'm glad Luke "only" had the flu and strep, and I'm praying it does not spread through the family. Please take some time for yourself. If you get sick, everything will STOP! Love you.

  2. Girl!!!! Take a breath, I agree with the pp take care of yourself!!!