Jan 1, 2011

Our newest addition ... and a bit about Kaley

Most of you reading this blog come to read about Manny.  Today is about his big sister and his newest little friend. 

History ...

11/11/99 a little girl was born.  By March 2000 she lived with us.  We named her Kaley which means "black goddess with powerful energy" or "crowned princess". 

She's always been tiny.  This picture is from near her first birthday. 

And she's always had spunk.

On her 5th birthday, we went to the local animal shelter and got her a cat.  It was love at first site.  (Perhaps you've seen some of the pictures of this tolerant cat.  One of the most famous pictures is of him with clothes, sitting up reading a Bible.)  We call her the "animal whisperer" as there is no animal she can't handle or train.  (More about that another time.)  She's tiny!  At age 11, she weighs 53 pounds.  But trust me, she can handle herself.  And she just has a sense about animals.  Quite the gift. 
She's been asking for another cat.  We still have the first one, she just wants more.  We finally decided to get her one for her 11th birthday in November.  But we were leaving for a trip so how about when we get back from the trip?  Well, one thing led to another and there were numerous delays.  EVERY time we would be headed to get a cat, something would happen. 
She got quite discouraged/frustrated.  One day she even sadly said, "There IS no cat, is there?"  On Wednesday of this week, that was to be the day.  Wouldn't you know it?  Another delay.  (Let's just say it's hard to drive while puking.)  So we set the date for Friday, December 31. 
As we drove I told her, we will pray we get the right cat.  In fact, I have the feeling that if we'd gone on any other day, we wouldn't have found the right cat.  Maybe we would have picked a sick one or a mean one or .... etc. 
We found her. Her assigned name was "shortee" ... uh ... not the right name for our cat.

Introducing ...  Shadow Purr-ee-fa Ninja Shady Gore (no, not joking)

 She's African American, I mean Black.  Pretty greenish eyes.  Weighs 2.2 pounds.  Was born 11/3 (so close to Kaley's birthday ... she loves that because every other family member has a spring or summer birthdate, including our other cat). 
 She's very, very playful.  Already well adjusted to the new surroundings.  She even likes Jericho.  Him? Not so much. 
And guess what?  Guess when she became available for adoption?  That's right.  The morning while we were driving  the shelter.  One day earlier and we would have missed her.  Sure, we would have found another cat, but not her. 
Kaley's faith grew. 
So all is well in the world with me.  


  1. Love that little girl of yours, Beth. She is tiny, but mighty. Her baby picture is too.too. cute. :D

    And the name for the cat? Let's just say I, too, am a fan of the 'unusual'. Party on, Gore Fam!!

  2. Kaley, your new kitty is precious! Wonder if she will let you dress her up?


  3. awwww! Love your new kitty Kaley! I can't wait to see what fun stuff you will do with her.

  4. What a cute little kitty! Kaley has there.