Jan 18, 2011

Precious Little Feet

Manny (like most babies) has the most precious little feet. 

His are extra special though as they are quite unique. 

There's this little way they turn in and almost upside down.  Makes them quite amazing to look at. 

Makes it almost impossible to stand on. 

His ankles are also both getting contractures.  He's a very, very hypotonic baby (floppy, feels like he has no bones almost).  Except  in his ankles.  Those are TIGHT!  In fact, it's so tight the heel touches the back of the calf.  It's not painful for now because he does nothing weight bearing.  But eventually, they get even tighter and become painful. 

This is why we opted to do the serial casting and now the braces. 

Here's photographic history of the stages. 

Precious little feet (before casting)
feet in casts

the cast that fell off

day brace and shoe

night brace

special sock just before the day brace

his first time ever wearing real shoes

Now as a result of all that above, the following two pictures have been made possible.  I was crying.  The physical therapist was misty eyed.  We realized the gravity of the moment, the first time in his life he was standing. 

Now that he has his feet going the right way and the proper equiment ... who knows what is possible!
Getting ready

My boy is standing!

As he stood there, weight suspended, he didn't know what to do with his legs.  It's all new to him.  I don't think he's ever felt his leg muscles in that way before.  So after a couple minutes of the therapist holding his legs in position and bouncing him up and down, he started playing with his knee muscles.  He was making this strange face like, "This feels weird." 

He only did this for about 10 minutes.  But they're hoping that with time and practice, he'll learn to use his leg muscles just like he did his neck and his arms.  With time, he could stand?  Climb stairs? Walk?  Who knows. 

But nothing is impossible with God.  I dare to dream he will dance one day.  Here on Earth and not just in Heaven. 


  1. (wild, THUNDEROUS applause from my living room)

  2. Wonderful, awesome, incredible all in one breath. That is absolutely amazing. He will dance!!