Jan 14, 2011

An unexpected gift

Megan White of Life for Kids (adoption agency) is the one who matched us with Manny.  We have had some pretty "intense" moments together.  (Like she had to sign one of the DNR's for Manny while we had him but before he was legally adopted.)  Recently she asked me to give a 5 minute speech about Manny at a fundraising dinner for them.  Well of course!  I am completely honored. 

In going through and making the powerpoint presentation today, there was a picture I was wanting that she had (I know she had it because I took it on her camera). 

Instead of just sending me that picture, she sent some others as well.  Ones I didn't have! 

Manny came to the hospital just after he turned 8 months old.  He came to live with us on the day he turned 9 months.  So these are from that time period in between.  

What a lovie!  For those of you who have met Manny, you know what a special little guy he is.  Just how he worms his way into your heart and soul.  But for those of you who only know him through pictures and stories, I tell you I can't do him justice.  But I'll keep trying. 

Thanks Megan.  What an unexpected gift!!  

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