Dec 6, 2011

Blood products and ICU

By 11pm, I just couldn't take it any more.  The pain was too intense and had lasted too long.  I knew he needed more than the tylenol/motrin he'd been getting round the clock. 

For those new readers, I have 6 kids, all adopted, all with special needs so I am in no way a newbie mom. For the first time in my life, I knew I needed to ask for pain meds for one of my kids. 

I wiped away the tears (still crying from having written that last blog entry ... something about writing it down that makes it so "real").  I went to the nurses station and said that Manny needed something else.  They agreed immediately and had actually already been working on it.  They heard him down the hallway and were already discussing what they could give him. 

There were several techs and nurses there who have taken care of Manny.  They all "Know" me and knew that this must be bad for me to be asking.  They asked if I was OK and tears immediately started flowing.  I said, "I BEGGED God to let him stay with me as long as he's not suffering.  Well, he's suffering!"  And at that point I saw a few eyes swell with tears. 

He was due for another dose of Tylenol so they gave that immediately.  After 30 more minutes, they called the doc who ordered morphine for him. 

Thankfully this helped take the edge off.  I was worried it would completely knock him out but it was just enough to help him fall asleep.  He still woke up about 3-5 times per hour in pain.  (Before it had been non-stop.)  And he could be comforted after about 5 minutes (which nothing was helping previously).

As I type this, it's 7:30 am and his pain has gone back up quite a bit.  He's due to go down to have his central line removed at 11am. 


As I type this, it's 7pm and the first time I've had to update all day.  Why?  Because after I wrote that he crashed. 

I got the CBC results this morning and they were awful.  He had numerous "critical" values and he was in constant pain.  He had a high fever.  He was "foaming" at the mouth.  The docs all gather around and discuss what to do and how to help bring his values up.  They decided on blood products (whole blood, plasma and platelets along with a couple other things.)  But before they could do that, his blood pressure bottomed out. 

Within about 2 minutes of that reading, the Hospitalist and ICU doc were in our room evaluating Manny.  Within the next few minutes, he was being wheeled (with oxygen) to the critical care area of ICU.  Next thing I know, I'm standing in the waiting room and he's being wheeled away to be stabilized. 

A few moments later, thankfully Dan (hubby) and my Dad were walking down the hallway.  I'm glad that Dan and I had decided that he would let my mom pick up the kids from school and Dan would come see me.  (That was before we knew about the ICU move.) 

I'm also grateful Mom is available this month.  She just finished a job and was taking the month of December off to regroup.  So I can see God's hand at work all over the place. 

Eventually, I'm allowed into the room and he's a mess.  I eventually am able to calm him down but it took a while.  Since then, it's been a series of going back to the room to pack up, having Dan take the stuff (that won't fit into ICU) into the van, running to cafeteria to eat (finally).  It's also been scary watching him struggle to breathe (even on oxygen), high heart rate, low blood pressures, coughing and trying not to aspirate, being in pain. 

He has received numerous different blood products.  I remember people praying that "The blood of Jesus" heal this baby.  Well I think that's what we received today.  I ask all of you to pray for and bless the people responsible for donating these blood products.  I know when I've given blood, I pray.  I ask God to help purify it and give it to just the right person.  I pray that it is sent with the annointing and blessings of God attached.  That God send HIS life (afterall, the life is in the blood).  So I wondered today if those who gave this blood might have done the same thing. 

From 7-8 he's been basically stable.  His blood pressure is no longer at a critical level, still low though and dipping into critical.  He's not stable enough to get more than tylenol at this point so his pain is still quite high.  He is soo exhausted and wants to sleep but the pain wakes him up. 

He's gained a LOT of weight ... they say it will all come out as soon as he is stable again but for now his skin is sooo tight that it's painful. 

The plan?  Hopefully be stable enough in the night to have the procedure done to remove the central line (broviac) and they hope to give him another line of some type so they can continue to give him meds, TPN, etc.  (Right now, he has 2 thumb IVs and those don't support much.)

I know that many, many around the world are praying for a miracle for Manny.  We know many people love him who have never met him.  We could never thank you all personally ... so please know we DO feel the prayers. 


  1. God bless and hold him, comfort and ease this babies pain. Heal him Lord. Comfort those who care for and love this child. Amen

    I sure hope he gets better and that God blesses you and yours for all the love you give.

  2. oh Beth! My heart and prayers are with you! We are storming heaven and trying so hard to get the word out for others to pray! LOVE YA

  3. DearOnes,
    Praying for you all.We love you all dearly. <3