Dec 11, 2011

Bye Bye ICU

Today was quite busy... We MOVED! 

He was stable enough, he got to move from the ICU.  Most of the day we were just hanging around waiting for the "go".  (We knew we were leaving at 8am and we didn't leave until 3:30pm ... we're on hospital time you know.) 

But while we waited, my Mom and Sister came again to visit.  Manny was playing some, sleeping some. 

After they left, I sorta took the time to start letting myself "feel" what we've just been through.  I could only do it for a few seconds and then I had to shut it down again as the pain is just still too raw and real. 

I leaned over Manny (thinking he was asleep) and whispered, "Thank you for staying with me."  And he whispered back "You're welcome".  Tears fell.

One by one the docs came in and "cleared" us to go to the regular part of the hospital.  The hematology doc is very quiet and soft spoken.  He was very concerned a few days ago about the bone marrow.  Sometimes, certain infections like this can trigger a process by which the bone marrow attacks itself (similar to a leukemia known as myeloid).  His body is producing multiple myelocytes and megamyelocytes ... not a good sign.  (Even still, it is.)  So I point blank asked him if he thinks this will reverse itself once the infection clears or if we'll have to do follow up treatments.  He said he isn't sure but he HOPES it's all going to go back to normal later.  (I like that.) 

A few minutes after we moved rooms, Dan and the kids came (Well, not Sam and Jacob as they are a bit under the weather and we can't risk Manny getting it.)  Kaley is now staying with me again  (she is very very excited).  I took the opportunity of Dan being here to run across the street to the Walgreens for a couple of things.  I was gone like 20 minutes.  (First time out of the hospital since I got here 10 days ago.) 

Now we're all settled in our room (which is ironically, the EXACT same room Zoe was in 6 weeks ago after her bone graft).  Love this section of the hospital which has it's own shower in the room, access to a refrigerator, etc.  Feels like "home" (Sad, isn't it?) 

Manny got to see his Ipad for a few minutes today as he was strong enough to sit for a few minutes.  He's restricted to bed rest so he couldn't go in his wheel chair (he didn't want to anyway).  That's where he'll really get to play. 

And yes, there's still time to donate towards the cost of the Ipad.  (Like I said, someone fronted the money to pay for it so he could have it during his long recovery.)  We have about half of the money donated already as people are very kind and generous.  One family is about to travel for China and is short some of their money but still ended up donatng $5 because Manny's story has touched their hearts.  I'm grateful for the wonderful generosity. 

During this time of year, my husband and I always watch "It's a Wonderful Life."  Over the past few days, I've been reflecting on this concept as it relates to Manny.  I can only imagine the hole that would be left (not just in our lives) in the lives of many if he'd never been around.  I bet it would BLOW us away if we could see all the people around the world who know of him, who pray for him, who adore him. 

He truly does have a Wonderful Life. 

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  1. woohoo for regular room :) I know what you mean about home! You get your own routine and everything when you live in the hospital :) Glad that he is doing so much better :) Praying the blood issues resovle when infection is gone :) Glad you have your girl up there with you again :) Big hugs