Dec 27, 2011

The discharge hiccup

What's the latest on us? 

I will try to recap.

"My view"... he was in my lap and looked up at me.  I snapped this picture. 

December 28 will be the14th day of antifungals SINCE the negative blood cultures.  The discharge plan is to go home then.  But ... on the 26th, they ran the standard weekly CBC required when a patient is on TPN and ...

Let's just say there are some concerning numbers.  Several indicators (that have been stable for the whole 2 weeks) are now trending downward.  I spent most of the 26th researching what this could mean and if it would impact our departure. 

Long story short:  Yes.  It could. 

Today, I talked to Doc and he is concerned too.  The nurses were coming up will all sorts of (unplausable) explanations of why/how this could be a false reading.  To which Doc said, 'Yes, let's get some sand for our heads.'  I asked him point blank if we're going home tomorrow and he said, "I think so... even if it's only for a few days."  (Did you all catch that?? Ugh) 

Without going into CBC reading 101 class, he is borderline needing a blood transfusion again.  I have no problem with him getting one.  The question is ... WHY is he needing it?  I don't even want to go into all the things that this could indicate ... suffice to say, NONE are good.  Among the likely culprits: Infection brewing, sepsis, bone marrow insufficiency.  The concerning part is that he was stable for 2 plus weeks and then this sudden drop. 

So, in the morning, we're doing the blood test. If the numbers have gone down, we're continuing to be residents of room 221.   If the numbers are stable, this is gray area and he'll have to make the call about discharge by involving the Infectious Diseases Doc and the Hematologist.  They'll make their best guess as to what is going on and what to do about it.  (Some things are chronic, for example, and those shouldn't keep us here.) 

But, if by miracle, his numbers have rebounded ... we get to go home.  Hopefully for some time. 

So, dear ones, we're needing another miracle. As he sleeps tonight, he needs a Godly blood transfusion. To give him all the life sustaining things his body needs to fight whatever this is off. We will know by about 7am and we'll go from there.

I've just been talking with the night nurse who will do the blood draw and should have results before she leaves.  If the number has gone down, she will wake me up to tell me.  If it's stable or up, I will get to sleep for a few more minutes. 

Trying not to let my brain go to anything other than ... he is doing well. he is stable. he is coming home.  Let's all chant that together, shall we? 


  1. Thought of you first thing this morning. I wait prayfully to hear more this morning. sherri mcinnis

  2. Praying and hoping to hear that you all were able to go home.

  3. Knowing The Lord will make the way .Love to you all