Dec 29, 2011


Ooopps... Guess I left many of you hanging. We did get to take manny home on Wednesday! This is a huge praise report. God is good and faithful and merciful. Never forget that. It is strange to re enter your life after a month. It is amazing how many things you miss out on while life is on hold in the hospital. I am a bit overwhelmed by the generosity that was shown to us... Presents, money, the iPad, visitors, meals, etc. My mother in law even came down foe almost two weeks to cook and clean and help while the kids were on spring break. We couldn't have done it without everyone's help. Regarding manny... This battle is FAR from over. His immediate infection is gone ... Praise God. But the residual effects are still to be determined. Bone marrow suppression/failure is our biggest concern right now... Those are the numbers that are declining... Sigh. We are being followed by a hematologist oncologist. His hemoglobin is dangerously low and dropping as is his hematocrit. What does that mean? I was taught what to watch for and I have my hospital bag still packed. The next battle for him iss the oneida have mentioned several times. We need a reliable, safe source of food for him. With the TPN, we run the risks of more infections like this one and the possibility of running out of viable veins. With feeding him via tube, he runs the risk of heart attack and respiratory failure, etc. So clearly, we Ned a better, safer option. So back to the drawing board. Me? After getting home, I ended ip having a good cry. The terror and trauma that manny and we went through is unimaginable. The wounds are deep and only god can/will heal those, but it will take time, especially considering this is not over. And the othe thing that is troubling me is the sacrifice my other kids are making... It is HUGE. We are spending the days doing fun, family things, building memories, strengthening relationships, cherishing the time. We are taking one day at a time, trying to find the new rhythm of our lives. Manny and I are thrilled to be home and on to our next adventure. We would love for it not to involve the hospital any time soon. (but of course we know that can't be true sinc he will have to have his Piccadilly line replaced eventually and that isn't as easy as that sounds... Will write about it another time.) In the meantime, picture us out having fun, living life. Eternally grateful for all of you.

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