Dec 24, 2011

You're Listening?

So it's Saturday night and it hits me ... I haven't updated the blog.  Truth is, not a ton happening.  (Which is GREAT news by the way.)  But there are some things that I can catch you up on. 

Friday ... boring, "normal" kind of day.  Manny is being "himself" pretty much all the time.  Happy, fun, funny, opinionated, social, interactive. 

The plan had been to make sure he has an adequate "line" before the IV team leaves for the weekend.  So about 5pm, Mani (from the IV team) brings in the equipment to see if she can get a PICC line.  That's the one that's in the upper arm and is a central line.  This means he can eventually go home and go back to his home feeds.  (You can't do that with a peripheral IV line.)  Remember back on Monday they tried FIVE times and couldn't get it?  Well, she thought she could.  So we decided to give it a try. 

About 7:30, we headed back.  Manny was given a light sedative (versed) and he was still awake and talking but he started being really "loosey-goosey" and even slurring his words!  By the end, he was snoring. 

But in the middle, God just made it "easy" or something.  Because it worked.  It was flawless.  Easy.  After all that torture the other day and then now, drama-free!  (Gotta love that.) 

Headed back to the room and we had surprise visitors ... Dan, the kids and Grandma.  Kaley was there to stay with me again (HER decision).  Manny slept through the whole visit. 

Today, has been quite uneventful.  (Love that).  We had visitors bring bears and a Hess truck and bead to Kaley and Manny.  (Not sure which group it was but they were here for all the kids in the hospital.) 

Somewhere in the afternoon, I noticed most of the kids on our floor have been discharged.  We're in a unit that often takes the kids post surgery (and most docs didn't do those near Christmas time). 

Then some dear friends, Rich and Elsa, came to visit.  They brought veggies for me (yay) and a few toys for Manny.  It's always nice to have grown ups to talk to.   Just as they were leaving, another visitor came by.  Rick ... he's a friend with Rich and Elsa.  I've met him once but it's been a while.  Apparently, he's been reading the blog.  Who knew.  And I can't begin to tell you how much it means to know someone is reading and benefiting and being blessed by the blog.  We ended up talking about a variety of spiritual topics and before you know it, time had flown.  He became that "word fitly spoken" referenced in the book of Proverbs. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm just typing these things so I have a way to express what I'm feeling/experiencing.  It helps keep my details straight and even helps me to go back over it later to remember it DID happen.  (Otherwise it seems like a bad dream sometimes.)  But to know that people are actually reading, well... it's quite humbling.  I feel like these are the random ramblings of a tired lady who is just trying to put one foot in front of the other most days. 

There are times I'm feeling triumphant.  Other times it's distraught.  Sometimes I'm completely overwhelmed.  Other times, it's victorious.  And there are times I feel like all those simultaneously. 

I always wonder if I'm "over sharing" (where it's just too much... yes, I know bloggers like that.)  or "under sharing" (where you are lost because I haven't told enough relevant details).  But mostly, I am not considering my reader (ooops, how's that for blunt?)  I'm just writing. 

So I guess it's time I thanked you.  If you're a reader of my "reflections" ... thanks.  Thanks for hanging in there with me through the thick and thin.  For being faithful to raise us up in prayer (Like Aaron and Hur did for Moses ... and no, not comparing myself with Moses).  For the comments of encouragement you leave me.  For listening. 

Right now ... we're in a "semi-safe" place again with Manny.  We can almost breathe again.  (Though it's been almost scary to exhale.)  We're in a time of regrouping and wondering what the next steps are.  (I should know more Monday about the time line from here now that we have a line.) 

And I'm trying not to think beyond one day at a time. 


  1. Dearest Beth- I read your blog every time I notice a new post. I cry almost every time...from pain for you, joy for you, just awe at God's amazing love. Hugs and love to your family from Arkansas.
    Cheryl Davidson

  2. I get a lot of spiritual inspiration from your blog.You are one of Gods messengers. Your a very special, loving, and caring person. I wish I could be more like you.
    My little girl Mary, my husband and I have been following your journey. I know you only know me as a facebook friend but Mary want to Skye with Manny. Please let me know if you want to do this and what time.
    Mary, Bill and I pray for Many and your family every night. We are sending Manny and your family BIG GIGANTIC HUGS and we are Wishing your family a very Marry Christmas.