Mar 24, 2010

Growth ... darn it

As a parent, I change the way I relate to my kids as they age.  That's natural.  Like when they were 2, I would pick out what they wear and even help them dress. By age 3 I might pick out 2 appropriate choices and let them pick.  By age 6 I might just say, "Get jeans and a t-shirt" and they get to pick which ones.  By middle school, they're probably helping decide which clothes to buy.  By high school, I'm hoping they can help buy those clothes.

It's completely natural to me that this would progress.

So why do I question this process when it comes to God parenting me??

We have a decision before us and we want to get it "right".  (Whatever that is.)  I'm a firm believer that God is guiding my steps, lighting my path, showing the direction.

But I also know that my relationship with Him is changing over the years.  He is trusting me more with some of my own decisions.  Just like my example of the clothes.

I don't like it.

I think He's trusting me toooooo much.  And it's with life and death decisions.  With life altering decisions.

What business do I have in making such decisions?!?  I'm not a mature enough Christian to do this.

But He thinks I'm ready.  (sigh)


  1. Hugs Beth, if He thinks you are ready, then you know in your heart the answers you seek!

    I'm forwarding this post to a friend of mine who is trying to learn how to "pick out her own clothes" so to speak too.


  2. Dadgummit! So true - and I'm not sure I like it one bit ;-) I guess it's a good thing. God trusts us to make the right decision because He has seen us make good decisions in the past. It still makes things tough, because I don't trust myself.