Mar 5, 2010


Ever feel STUCK?

Reminds me of one of my first dates with Dan.  He drove my volkswagen jetta to church one day while visiting his grandparents and we missed the turn off so he had to turn around.  He decided to do that in an area where there was some mud and I suggested he find another spot.  He did it anyway and we got stuck. (He's since learned to listen to me a bit more! LOL)

He got out, all embarrassed and started pushing the car.  Suit and all.  I stayed in the car (in my dress and high heels).  Normally I'd have gotten out to push too ... but this was very early on in our dating and I wanted to see how he'd handle it.

Eventually this nice country boy in a truck came along and helped pull us out and we were on our way.   My car and his shoes were muddy and his ego a bit bruised ... but otherwise we were all fine.

And better yet, it told me a lot about him, about his heart.  He didn't get angry or lose his temper.  He stayed calm and solved the problem.

Since then, we've been metaphorically "stuck" a lot.  Never again in a car (that lesson we learned the first time) ... but in life.

Right now, I feel stuck.  A few months ago I was F-L-Y-I-N-G and now I'm stuck.  Not sure what changed or what I'm supposed to notice while I'm sitting here.  When I was stuck with Dan, I was supposed to notice how he handled things.  But here?  I'm looking around trying to see what I'm supposed to be noticing and am clueless.

I've considered whether this is one of those "wide spaces" ... where I'm just supposed to graze and rest.  But that's not it, this is definitely not a grazing and resting place.  Is it a place of battle?  If so, the enemies haven't shown themselves yet.

So I stay on my knees.  If I'm "stuck" in a position, one of prayer and praise can't hurt.  I could get stuck there the rest of my life and that would be OK.

I think about the story in the Bible of Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles.  Basically the story goes like this - Jehoshaphat needed to fight a battle.  God told him to praise and HE would fight the battle for him.  I like that.  I claim this a lot in my own life.  Every time I feel a battle I can't win (which is often), I declare to God, "I will praise you, You go fight my battle."  By the end of the praise, I feel restored and I know that God has done what needed to be done.  I thank Him and move on.

What about you?  Are YOU "stuck"?   If so, maybe it's time to praise.

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