Mar 11, 2010

My Double Standard

I am POSITIVE I'm not the only one who does this ... (let's be honest here).

One of my jobs (the one I get paid for) is to train people in various skill sets through Dale Carnegie Training.  I spent Monday and Tuesday, for example, on a class called, "Communicating with Diplomacy and Tact."  Tuesday night, I was in the evaluator role for a soon to be certified instructor on our flagship course "The Dale Carnegie Course".  During these, we encourage people to live their best lives.  We point out strengths and send them to the world to try them.

Meanwhile ....
I was born with certain God-given abilities, I was taught some cool skills, I was given some neat knowledge, I have had some amazing life opportunities.  During which I have gleaned some "stuff".

So why is it I'm so hesitant to USE these abilities and skills?

Case in point ... I've written close to 100 songs.  Some are actually pretty decent.  A few I could even hear being played on the radio ... if I ever did anything with them.  Or what about the books I have half and three quarters written that are only on my computer?  Or during this last week, I keep thinking that I could actually put together a parenting program based on the principles we've been teaching.

Even as I was writing that last paragraph, I had a catch in my spirit.  Or perhaps it was in my stomach.  It seems like bragging first of all.  It seems like I'm trying to say, "Hey everybody! Look at meeeeee!"  Or I have the other thought that is ... I am not the expert on parenting.  I don't know everything.  I don't even have teens yet! And those songs ... how would I even get them out to people to hear them - I don't have a way to get them recorded, don't have the musicians.  .... blah, blah, blah.

Truthfully ... if someone came to ME and told me those excuses, I wouldn't let them off the hook.  I'd point to their strengths and that they need to take a chance and stop listening to the doubt.  That you can't possibly know everything on every subject and no one expects you to.  That you go with what you've been given.  Sometimes you just start and it will come together.  I'd tell them they would likely regret NOT doing it.  That doubt will prevent you from living your best life.  I'd tell that person to get off their butt and start living!

Hey ... that's pretty good advice.


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