Mar 2, 2010

41 revolutions around

Today I'm 41.  People are sending me all sorts of sweet birthday wishes and thoughts and prayers and blessings.  I'm honored and touched.

But I'm a weirdo (in case you hadn't noticed that already).  I think it's strange to celebrate that I haven't died in the past 365 days.  So I have to find more meaning to it than that.

I take the time to reflect on all the blessings in my life.  The relationships that have come and some that have gone.  The goals I have met, those I have not reached yet and those I have abandoned for new ones.  I try to avoid the mirror lest I also notice that time is obviously moving across my face and other parts of my body (no, there will be no photos LOL).  I reflect if I've made a difference in the world or left any kind of positive mark versus just carbon emissions and being a consumer.  I think about the future and the journeys I haven't even dreamed of yet.

I'm left standing in amazement just like I do as I sit on the edge of the ocean and consider it's vastness.

But call me crazy ... Is it just me or shouldn't this be a celebration of my Mother?  She did 9 plus months of hard work with the parasite (me) latched on to her.  She did a day of hard labor to get me O U T.  Then 18 plus years of raising me, loving me.  And now the past years of being a mentor and friend.

So here's a shout out to YOU Mom.  Thanks for life.

And finally, a tribute to God.  You have dreamed of me before I was born, formed me in my Mother's womb, know every hair on my head.  You know everything about me and love me anyway.  So thanks for another spin.

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