Mar 26, 2010

Profile Picture

Some of you might be slightly curious about my new profile picture.  OK ... more than a little curious.  So here's what I can tell you about him. 

Nery (Pronouned Nedy) is 9 months old today, 16 pounds.  He is in temporary guardianship with us.  (Thus why I'm not allowed to show his entire precious face.)  He has some fairly extreme special needs.  If you're inclined to prayer, he could use them.

But right now what he needs most of all is love.  And we have that in over abundance.  The kids are hugging and kissing and loving (and fighting over who gets to help me more). 

He wormed his way into my heart 2 weeks ago and today he came home from the hospital with me.  He has one of the sweetest spirits of anyone I've ever met.  He's gentle and patient and non-assuming.  As I type this, he's laying on my bed watching the ceiling fan go around and every now and then, he does his head in a circular motion.  I try to get it on video but of course he's camera shy.  LOL

We don't know what the future holds for Mr. Precious.  But what I DO know is that ... for now ... his cheeks need some more kissing so I gotta go.

Mama of 6

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  1. Hugs, if he is that cute in only half a photo I can't even imagine how precious he is in person.

    Congrats Beth, no matter what the future holds he needs you now and God will provide!!!