May 3, 2010

You all know about the baby, right?

I think most of you know ... but just in case. 

March 11, Beth hears about a baby boy and writes an email inquiring about him.
March 16, Beth meets said baby. Sweet, adorable ... and more medically complex than we expected.
March 26, Beth picks up baby from Hospital as a temporary foster child ... at least.  9 months old.

That's the official scoop at least.  There's obviously a LOT more to this story and we'll eventually tell it.  But for now, we're only allowed to share bits and pieces since he is legally a foster child. 

"Manny" is what we're calling him.  He is so sweet and has an amazing spirit.  He loves to laugh.  He babbles and coos. 

His medical issues are quite complex (and are also in the confidential file).  But basically he could use any prayers you're willing to send up.  He has had many tests and so far, everything comes back "normal".  So they still don't know what is wrong. 

In the month we have had him, we've had a nightmare dealing with straightening out his doctors and his medical insurance.  As of this weekend, I think we're finally all set. 

For example, he had a MAJOR operation on march 18.  On his discharge papers, it mentioned nothing about follow up, who did his surgery, next steps, etc.  Last week, I FINALLY found the surgeon and set an appointment ... it's set for tomorrow.  I am hoping to finally find out what surgery they did, why they deviated from the surgery plan, what the follow up plans are, etc.  (I have a lot of questions.) 

We are also waiting for doctor notes from his neurologist and geneticist.  That should point us in the right direction hopefully. 

We won't be able to post many pictures for a while either ... not our rules.  In fact, the one on my profile picture is probably violating the rules ... but the picture is just so stinkin' cute I couldn't resist. 

Feel free to past this very vague post on ... put him on any prayer lists you want. 

Love to all, Beth 

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  1. I added Manny's button to the Prayer part of my blog to!
    I will be praying!!!!