May 13, 2010

Manny Update - GI

We had the appointment with the GI.  I was thrilled because most of my current concerns for him revolve around this area. 

Thrilled to have the news I have!  So hopeful and the Doc and I are on the same page.  (which is great)

Bottom line ... he is not getting enough calories so he adjusted that.  His feeds are too slow and laborous so he adjusted that.  He authorized a speech therapist to start feeding training.  He authorized a speech pathologist to evaluate his current swallowing abilities.  It's all good. 

In addition, he needs to be changed from this one type of tube to another and they usually do that about 8 weeks post surgery ... which we've past already.  Sooo ... we order this device and when it arrives we schedule his surgery.  That should be fairly soon. 

There were some concerning things of course ... and we'll leave those private for now.  Suffice it to say he needs prayers.  Specifically in the area of swallowing/eating. 

All in all a great visit and so thrilled that we finally have a GI on the case.  We've needed one for 7 weeks now and we have one.  ("Coincidentally" this Doc did his residency and was the Chief Resident at Arnold Palmer hospital ... same place the baby had his surgeries ... in fact, he KNOWS the surgeon who did it.  So if we ever need any info from over there, this guy might just be able to get it.) 

Thanks for the prayers. 

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