May 14, 2010

We got our Miracle!!!

I called for a miracle and one was delivered only a couple of hours later! 

Some details.  It is suspected Manny has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) type 1.  Which is always lethal and usually by the age of 2.  They go into respiratory distress and then eventually they can't be rescued.  It starts with bouts of pneumonia that get closer and closer together until they're sick all the time.  This has been happening with Manny. 

Secondly, a CT showed "concerning for neonatal xlinked adrenoleukodystrophy".  Which is also fatal, but usually by age 4.

Today, I have a doc in the hospital who worked to get to the bottom of everything.  He got hold of the actual Neurologist who had seen Manny initially at 4 days old and presumed SMA then.  But we can't get the records that showed it was positive or negative. 

Well ... THIS doc got them!  And praise God.  It is NEGATIVE for SMA!!!!! 

In addition, it's also negative for adrenoleukodystrophy!!!! 

He's negative for a few other things too ... but those were the biggies! 

I started bawling at the doctor and told him that a 100 pound weight was just lifted off.  He said he understood!  He said that no matter how much I'd read about how horrible SMA is ... it's worse than that!  And he was sooo relived that this precious baby doesn't have this. 

Breathing now for the first time all day. 

Thanks for storming heaven on his behalf!!!!!   Now storm heaven with your praise of what He has done!


  1. OK, reallytruly, I think you got the quickest miracle I have ever heard of!! God looooves you (and Dan and Manny and Sam and Luke and Zoe and Kailey and .... (and I am so embarrassed that I cannot think of the name of your oldest son, please forgive me?).

    Addled and happy and praising our God. He is MIGHTY TO SAVE!

  2. And God bless...JACOB!! It's like that scene from Sound of Music where Julie Andrews can't think of the name of one of her little (male) charges. LOL

  3. I can just imagine how you will be able to incorporate this story into your motivational speaking engagements!!!! This one tops the Delilah shirt and shoes story! I'm so happy for you all.