May 29, 2010

The Supreme-est Court

I don't know how it REALLY is, but this is what it seems like to me regarding Manny.   I know this will challenge some of your thinking, conflict with some of your religious beliefs and may even offend some... not my intent.

Think about a court of law.  A "Death sentence" was passed on Manny.  I don't know who the Judge was or what the evidence was, etc. that made him render that decision.  But that was the verdict.  And it was given to him prior to birth. 

In our country, we have a court of appeals ... all the way up to the Supreme Court.  It's a way of taking a verdict that is not satisfactory under the law and appealing the verdict.  We had to do that for a family member years ago.  A judge issued a very bad, very illegal verdict and we appealed to the next court level and had it overturned. 

All the evidence up to this point has been stacking up on the side of "Death sentence".  Every doctor has washed their hands of trying to help Manny in any way other than making him feel comfortable.  They see it as a foregone conclusion that he will die and the only question is if it's 1 month or 6.  There are no cases in which children with this diagnosis have lived.  None.  Zero.  It's fatal 100% of the time. 

For Manny, we have been entering new evidence.  We have asked others to put in their appeal on his behalf.  And we're making our closing argument.  But this time, it's before the Righteous Judge.  The Supreme-est Court in the Universe.  We're admitting into evidence the fact that Jehovah Raffa is his healer.  We're claiming that the stripes of Jesus Christ paid for Manny's condition too.

Somehow it brings me comfort to know that the decision isn't in the hands of Doctors.  It's not in Dan's hands or My hands.  It's not up to me saying the right prayer or making sure I do the right things.  It's not about me begging a certain number of hours or fasting a certain amount of days.  It's NOT UP TO ME.

I know that this Judge is considering all the sides.  I know that if He leaves Manny with us ... that will be an amazing gift.  And if He chooses to take him ... well, that thought is just unbearable.

So right now, it feels like that moment where in a courtroom where the Judge is out of the room deliberating.  We are waiting for the verdict.  And our only hope is in knowing this Supreme Court Judge is loving and fair and merciful and righteous.  He loves Manny more than we do.  And the verdict is in HIS hands alone.

Soon God will render His verdict. 

We all pray it's "Life". 


  1. Beth...
    This is beautifully written and I can only begin to imagine the place you are in. We were told over and over again that Georgia could very well die because of her uprepaired heart condition and her age but we were never given a 100%. You are so right that it is not up to the doctors or to you guys but up to the One who calls Himself the God of all Compassion...I am begging Him to give sweet Manny a big YES....on second thought, I think that Manny gets a YES either way (long life on earth or in Heaven)...I am begging for a YES for you guys to get that ong life with Manny now.

  2. We are praying for for Life for Manny as well. Selfish as it may be. We want him to know the arms of you - his loving mother.