May 26, 2010

11 months old

Manny is 11 months old today.  We got him exactly 2 months ago today - March 26.  It's one of those time warp things where it seems like just yesterday but at the same time, seems like he's always been a part of us. 

We're slowly getting used to the whole new routine of all the medicines and machines.  Like you should have seen me at Goodwill today.  Had to get Jacob some swim trunks for a field trip tomorrow and I had all 6 kids with me.  Manny was sleeping and I had his GIANT oxygen tank in the back of the cart.  It seemed "normal" enough to me... except when I'd catch people staring at us! 

We head tomorrow back to his Pediatrician.  (Love her.)  And I have tons of questions I'm hoping she can answer.  Theoretically I should be there with no other kids so I should be able to ask them all.  I say "theoretically" since there's been at least one kid sick and out of school for the past 2 weeks.  I think all will be back tomorrow though.  (They had the same flu that landed Manny in the hospital and they took turns having it for 3 days each.) 

These pictures are of him getting his nebulizer treatments.  I laid it down on him so I could get the picture.  (Not a trach.)

On a non-Manny note.  Zoe turned 5 yesterday and she wanted to get her ears pierced. So off we went to the mall to do it today.  She wanted to be like Mama and big sister so she was highly motivated.  She's been bugging me about 6 months about it and I told her when she turned 5. 

I think about the pain this little girl has already been through and a few little needles in her ears are nothin'!  She didn't even flinch! Not a tear. Not a whimper. Such a brave little girl.

I am so proud to be your Mama sweet Zoe!


  1. Way to go ZOE!!! When Jess had her ears pierced the first time she didn't flinch - but when we need to re-pierce one she was not so confident. BUT FYI - if you should find yourself needing to re-pierce they sell the kits at Walmart :-) And as always, prayers for Manny and Mommy.

  2. Zoe looks so proud. :D What a cutiepie! Happy 5 years old, sweet girl.

  3. Wow! Zoe is amazing! Even thinking about those ear guns gives me the willies! Tell her good job! I am praying for you as you head to the doctor with Manny. Praying for great wisdom for all involved and for peace during the check up so that you can think clearly!
    Manny is just such a heart breaker, love that little face!!!!