May 18, 2010

another "upgrade"

We've had another "upgrade".  We've moved from way down the hall, right next to the nurse's station.  This way, if I happen to step out for a second (which I don't do) and he needed something, they are RIGHT THERE.  But the coolest part of this deal is the room itself.  It's a double room.  This is a picture of his old room before the equipment was in there. I'll get a pic tomorrow of the new room when there's better light. Bad part is they said we might get a roommate and I cringed!  UGH. 

So I started praying.  I know it's a little thing, but Lord, please work it out that I don't get a roommate.  And I left it in His hands.  Then when they moved us over, the main nurse was positoning us in half of the room in case of the roommate.  I kept my mouth shut and just sent up my request.  The nurse was wondering how to get all his equipment in such a small space.  Then the charge nurse came in.  The nurse asked, "Can we block out this room so there's not a roommate due to all the equipment?"  And the charge nurse said, "Oh no, he can't have a roommate."  I have no idea why but I'll take the special favor.  Thanks for taking care of us Lord! 

Daddy also came to visit us today for a bit.  He was here just as the Doctor came in to talk with me.  I had tons of questions.  But our MAIN one was about a possible discharge plan.  He said unless his status changes, the plan is to go home Friday!  Yippee!! 

They are sending equipment to our house on Thursday so it will be all ready when we go home. For now, he will have his nebulizer, his gtube feeding machine, a pulse ox (measures his oxygen in his blood), an oxygen machine (he'll need every time he's asleep or napping) and the "vest" (which is this cool thing that wraps around the body and then air is blown in and it shakes him to loosen up congestion). 

They're talking about eventually setting up home health care for us if needed.  And at that point in the conversation, my eyes glossed over.  TMI.  Brain full. 

They took blood today ... IV went really well thankfully - first stick.  And they're sending it off for results.  Not sure how long until they're back.  I'll ask the neurologist tomorrow. 

But for tonight, Manny is just about to drift off to sleep.  We have orders that say he MUST MUST MUST not be taken off his oxygen overnight under any circumstances... and instead of arguing with a nurse tonight, I must call our Doctor at home.  (And he says he'll be *&^%$.)  So hopefully ... we'll get a good night sleep tonight not worrying about oxygen. 

I'm getting all the comments and emails and they are my lifeline.  Thanks also for sending word about him and his need for prayer. 

Love to all, Beth and Manny


  1. Your so welcome, hon. I echo the others who have said that they wish they lived closer to you, so I could help. sigh I pray a complete night's sleep for both of you and that joy will cometh in the morning...

  2. Prayers continue! Please, I don't want to push, but remember Im only a couple of hours away and will do whatever I am able to to help. Prayer warriors from everywhere are praying for all of you! <3

  3. Prayers for healing for Manny and peace for you.

  4. Praying for a good nights sleep for you both. Going home will be good for all of you... I hope all goes well and Friday is discharge day. Hang tough little buddy!