May 17, 2010

Upgrades and arguing for oxygen

We've been here since Friday and I have had this one chair.  It's a fine chair.   I mean as chairs go ... it's a place to place my hiney.   See?  It's a perfectly respectable chair. 

Today when we went down to get the MRI done, they gave him meds to put him out and they had this type of chair but they also had a comfy one and I thought to myself, "I would like a comfy chair in my room.  I wonder if that's possible." 

So we get back to the room and I asked nicely.  And within about 2 minutes, THIS one arrived in my room.  Aaaaaah.  I am liking the ugprade!!

So now I can hold him easier.  He's already hard to hold due to the hypotonia.  But then throw in a sore gtube site, an arm board with IV, a pulse ox on his foot, and he's out of it from chloral hydrate ... he's downright impossible to hold in that first chair.  THIS one was great!  Thanks to Krys our day nurse. 

He also got a quick sponge bath and an upgrade on his outfit.  He's been wearing those pretty yellow ones.  But she thought he'd look cuter in this new type.

On a medical note ... his Doc came in and asked how he was doing and I told him we were a bit tired from the pulse ox going so low each night but that I was faithfully rousing him (per nurse orders).  He asked me to describe what I do and for how long and I did and I could tell he was NOT happy and said he was going to go yell at the nurses.  I reminded him that it's not the day nurses, but the night nurses that are doing this.  He says, "I know, but THEY'RE not here!" 

So I asked for CLEAR instructions on what to do and when to call the nurse about the machine beeping.  He said, "If it hits 92 ONE time, I want him on oxygen."  REALLY?  I told him it does that while he's napping (which he was about to do). 

He left and a few minutes later the IV team came in and were able to get a line in on the first try using an ultrasound machine.  They are awesome!  And so compassionate!  They love our little guy.  But they told me they've worked here for YEARS and NEVER NEVER heard this Doctor yell but that he was YELLING at the nurses!  They told me he said, "This kid is NOT going to die in the hospital!"  (Making sure they were clear on his instructions and the severity.) 

Baby fell asleep and it was only a few minutes until he hit 92.  I let it do it 2 times before going to the Nurse's station and telling her.  When she got there, his number was 93 and she started arguing with me telling me.  I reminded her that the Doctor said if he hits 92 even one time, even if he's able to recover, he wants oxygen.  She argued with me that she couldn't start it with him at 93 since the order said 92.  I told her to stand there for a second and he'd dip down.  (I've been watching his pattern since Friday, I know my boy!)  Sure enough, 2 seconds later it dipped.  And it kept beeping until she got the oxygen on.  (Which he HATES since his nose is raw from suctioning.)  But she reluctantly did it.  (Still not sure why this is such a big deal. Maybe someone can explain it to me.)

He went back to sleep and his oxygen levels are now between 95-98.  Which is good.  (100 would be better so it's saying he's still not getting QUITE enough.)   But I think I might be able to sleep a bit tonight. 

Well ... except for every 4 hours when they have to suction him, put on the shaking vest and do the cough assist.  But at least I won't worry that he will crash and not be able to recover!  Maybe we can actually sleep tonight!

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  1. aw, sweet baby boy...hate it that he is going through so much. I LOVE that he is loving his shakie treatment though. It looks like he really likes his stuffed bear too. Give him a kiss from Auntie Marjorie.