May 10, 2010

How much is the right amount?

I've got a problem and would love some real advice. 

Manny...  What to share and what not to share?

Due to the way he came into our lives, the state has "some" say in what we can share and not.  So no problem on that. 

But there's the other part ... how much is "our" story and we should keep it private?  How much would be valuable for others to know?  (To help in their own journey of life.)  I think we're positioned to be able to tell a very miraculous story that would be inspirational, educational, uplifting, etc.  So there's that.  But what about the side that says let's go through this journey in (semi) private? 
I KNOW this is vague.  I KNOW it's not a lot to go on.  But I still need advice.  Thanks!

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