May 19, 2010

EEG and a visitor

Today we had a visitor.  Tara is a fellow adoptive mom and we've chatted on line and on the phone but never in person.  Yesterday she asked if she could visit an I welcomed it.  So great to talk to a fellow mom who "gets it". 

She asked if I needed anything and I can't believe I did it but I asked her for a razor and some soap that didn't make me smell like the hospital.  (Trust me, I'm a LOW maintenance kind of gal so if I asked for something like this .. it was BAD! LOL)  She not only brought me that, she brought me all this.  There was so much stuff I couldn't get it all in the picture.  As I type this, I'm waiting for Manny to drift to sleep so I can use it!

Just as she got to the hospital, they said we were going down to get an EEG.  After an adventure to find it, they told me to lay on the bed beside him.  He did NOT like these electrodes on his head.   It doesn't hurt exactly.  Jacob has had numerous ones.  He was just MAD.  The nurse had to come with us because if he falls asleep even for a few minutes, he needs to be on oxygen.  I talked to him calmly and he eventually just calmed down.

Tara graciously asked if I wanted pictures of it and I was thrilled.  All the pictures I have so far on the blog are from my camera phone.  So these pics are all from Tara.  And I have so very few of him with me since I take all the pics.

We are doing the EEG to see if he is having seizures.  We need a baseline.  If he's not having seizures yet, that's a great sign!  If so, it's a bad one of how far the disease has spread.  We're praying for a good report!

As I laid there beside him and he drifted off to sleep, Tara was there and so was our awesome nurse Dana (more about her in another post).  He was having the hardest time sucking his pacifier.  He wanted to for comfort but he was not able to due to tongue miscordination.  And it just hit me.  Tears started to flow.  Not the wailing kind of crying but the kind where the water starts flowing and can't stop.  At one point I looked over at Dana and Tara and I think I saw tears.  I think you'd have to be pretty heartless not to feel something for this little boy.  Everyone who meets him falls instantly in love. 
Isn't he stylin' in his turbin??


  1. I'm crying just reading it. So glad you're with him every step of the way. Bless Tara for her gifts and the photos. :-)

  2. Prayers and love to you, Manny and your family, Beth!

    Love, Susan Brydon Peoski and family.