May 16, 2010


Yesterday, our dear friends Rich and Elsa came to visit. I neglected to get a picture of them for the blog but I got a picture of the balloons they brought.  Every now and then, the wind moves them and they catch his eye.  He's very mesmerized by them.  Silly me, but I also didn't get a picture of the HUGE HUGE fruit bowl they brought me!  It was awesome - all cut up fresh fruit.  They know me! 

Funny story about that ... the baby was off of feeds since Friday morning.  They were giving him IV fluids so he wasn't dehydrated but that's not the same thing!  He was definitely hungry and he was getting weakened, even for him.  Like for those who know him, he wasn't flirting with his eyes, wasn't cooing, wasn't laughing.  Now the baby is on a status of NPO or Nothing Per Oral (meaning nothing to eat by mouth, all has to go in directly to his stomach via the gtube) and this has been the case since Mid March. 

But as I opened up that fruit bowl and shoved in a bite of Mango (gratefully) he started whimpering!  I actually had to hide when I would take a bite I felt so guilty.  Thankfully, it wan't too much longer that they decided he was stable enough they could start back up his feeds.  He perked right up instantly!  Started cooing, laughing, flirting, moving.  Nice to have him back. 

Anyway .. Thanks Rich and Elsa!  It was awesome. 

Today my parents came by.  (Bad blogger ... no pic of them either!)  They brought me salad with a grilled chicken breast.  (I'm so thankful to have people who KNOW me and what I like without even having to ask!)  It was strange the memories that came up ... the last time we were all in a hospital was with Dad in the bed after replacing his ruptured aortic valve.  Not happy memories - but the ending was great!

Then as Mom and Dad were about to leave, Dan brought the kids.  They hadn't been here and I haven't seen them since I sent them to school Friday morning.  We've talked on the phone but that's not the same.  I loved watching the baby's reaction as they all came in.  He laughed easily at them.  I think it did his heart good to see them.  Probably really good for the attachment process  ... to see people he knows and loves come back in his life.  (Unlike the last time he was in the hospital.)   Dan brought me changes of clothes (since we don't know how much longer this will be) and a few snacks that I love (like microwave popcorn and a cauliflower ... I know, I know.  I'm aware that I'm strange.)  And Kaley brought the baby a bag of toys and a few movies she thought he might like.  (We can watch them on my laptop.) 

Finally, as I was hugging all the kids goodbye (and they were very emotional wanting to stay with me), Dan said he wished he could pick up the baby and I told him he could.  We'd just have to rearrange wires but of course he can hold him!  Is there anything more precious than a Daddy holding a baby??

So thanks to all the visitors.  We loved all the things you brought to us and for making us smile.  We love you!


  1. No, Bethie. There is NOTHING more precious than a man holding a baby. Thanks for sharing your day.

    And popcorn and cauliflower? That IS strange!! LOL

  2. Manny looks very content to be in Dan's arms. Cauliflower??? As a snack??? raw??? I like cooked cauliflower with melted cheese. lol

  3. I eat what you eat! And I'm so glad you have angels in your real life, not just on your computer, so you can be cared for while you care for Manny. Love the photo of your children (who always look happy) and Dan (to whom fatherhood must come naturally)

  4. I read all your updates. I will be praying
    for all of you. You amaze me and I am hoping for nothing but the best for your little Manny.