Feb 27, 2011

And many more

We had a GREAT night sleep.  Finally.  The docs stopped all the extra "nonsense" during the night and let us sleep.  They did have to come in at 3 and do his meds which woke him up.  And then at 5, they did his blood draw (used a finger ... much simpler).  But other than that, we slept. 

8am or so my Mother showed up with some food and drinks for us.  Dad dropped her off and ran to work and then will be back to get her later today so we get to spend the day together.  A few minutes later, Rich and Elsa showed up with Fruit, Tea and a Birthday singing Elmo balloon.  You remember them ... they always bring me fruit.  (They know me) and balloons (they know Manny).  

Manny's doing a weird "tongue" thing.  He never has his tongue hanging out.  And today it's like it's very big, fat and he wont put it in his mouth.  I have no clue what that's about.  Anyone?? 

Labs came back great except now Sodium is a bit low ... not horrible but low.

Dr. Cuenca (GI) came in and said since he's only had 1 diarrhea in the past 12 hours, we could start him on 1/4 formula to 3/4 pedialyte.  Try that today and see how that does.  If he tolerates, we will go to 1/2 strength tomorrow.  And just so you know ... we don't go home until he tolerates full feeds with no troubles.  So ... I think we're here a while longer. 

I also asked her about a probiotic since it hadn't been mentioned yet and she thought it a good idea and ordered it immediately.  They did Florastor which is a pretty common one and easy to get once we leave here too.  She said that one because it wouldn't interefere with the absorption of the antibiotic.

Dr. Prpich (Pulmonologist) came in and laughed because yesterday was the ONE day he didn't come see me, we never have questions since we're here for GI reasons not respiratory and of course ...we had questions for him.  So today he stopped by and I told him we didn't need him.  (He's a huge kidder so it's fun to play along.) 

As I type this, Mom has gone across the street to Boston Market.  Yum. 

The tech came in and noticed that Manny, his wheelchair, Mom and I were all huddled up in this tiny little corner of this HUGE room.  She unplugged us and now we're out in the open.  This picture is of him about to fall asleep on the couch.  I just had to take this picture because he looks so tiny in this huge bed.  (Oh, and note the tongue out too.) 
Manny woke up from this nap SCREAMING in pain.  Took a while to calm him down.  Mom bounced and held him.  Then it just stopped.

Eventually, Mom had to leave.  And as she did, my friend Elizabeth H came to visit.  We have shared some tough moments together.  And she has spent many a hour praying over our family.  With her was her Dad, Bob, and her mother Linda.  We are friends on facebook but never met.  She is a Manny fan too.  They were there to see Beth's Aunt Julie who is in the same hospital.  So pray for her quick, speedy recovery. 

A bit more about our balloon.  It says Happy Birthday because Wednesday is my birthday and Elmo is Manny's favorite.  So it's "our" balloon.  It's huge and it sings.  At the end of the song it says "and many more."  To which I say, "Amen ... may it be so, Lord."


  1. Check to see if he is on a medication called Reglan, metoclopramide, for his stomach motility. It can cause weird tongue movements and tongue protrusion (tardive dyskinesia) and can indicate he might need to be taken off of it because this can become permanent.
    Praying for you, Shirley