Feb 23, 2011

We're Back! (In the hospital that is)

I will never be able to explain all that has happened in the past 24 hours but ... here's a summary version. 

As you know, last Wednesday (week ago today) Manny got the jtube.  All feeds go through there and so do meds.  Gtube is just to vent (suck stuff out ... up unitl yesterday it was only mucus and stomach acids).  Yesterday I vented formula ... LOTS of it.  Basically all we had put in.  So he was going to get dehydrated.  Called the GI and he said to switch to pedialyte and come in today.  I did. 

Got here about 10am and went to GI office and all the docs were at an off-site clinic so they sent us to the ER to get fluids started so we wouldn't have to wait so long and he wouldn't get dehydrated. 

10am-12noon waited to go back to the ER room.  I told them I was here because his jtube has become dislodged and he is dehydrated. 

on the way to xray in a little red wagon

They eventually ran the test and it proved I was right ... dislodged.  3pm or so we got that news.  Meanwhile, I cannot wake Manny up.  He's never a napper.  He never sleeps in the day and I can't wake him up.  I point this out to the Docs and nurses and they are not concerned. 

They are also not concerned that he hasn't peed in 25 hours by this time.  I pray and try to wait patiently. 

By 5pm the come in and say they are starting fluids.  Well FINALLY!  They thankfully got it on the first try but couldn't get blood (too dehydrated).  So they stick him on the foot ... nothing.  They give him 1 1/2 hours of fluids and he starts to perk up just a bit.  Then they stick his foot and milk out 3 viles and 1 bullet.  He never even whimpers.  NOTHING.  It was quite strange and eerie.   I keep trying to explain that this isn't normally him. 

on the xray table, always makes me think of a barbeque spit

A little while later, they come in and say that none of the blood worked, that it all coagulated.  And the lab person came to do it herself.  This time a finger stick.  While she is finishing up, a second person comes in and says that one of the labs from his earlier blood was at a critical level and they needed to retest. 

His blood sugar was 45.  (And that was taken 1 1/2 hours after getting fluids with dextrose in it). 

Then they noticed he was breathing weird (something I'd pointed out before).  Very fast and shallow. 

Then up to the room.  FINALLY people are starting to take notice.  His other labs are back and they are showing very scary numbers.  His Co2 Level is 14 (dangerously low).  And his white blood count is 34,000 (last week it was under 10,000).  So now we have everyone's attention.  He is considered in critical condition at this moment.  Oh, and as I typed that last sentence, he is starting to desat. 

The Doc just came in and said his chest xray is showing something ... likely a pneumonia but not looking typical.  So they'll do antibiotics. 

Now they are going to have to stabalize him again before they can fix the jtube problem.  I cannot believe we are in this situation AGAIN.  We haven't been home a week!  I don't know the plan for that. 

And as I look over at my precious baby, he is looking pretty darned sick.  He crashed FAST today. 

Finally, we're in a double room ... so far no other kid in the room.  Praying it stays that way.  I HATE double rooms!  The only good news is that if he does indeed have pneumonia they can't put another kid in here.  Oh, and since he has been in the hospital less than 30 days ago, they have to do a MRSA test and they can't put another kid in here until that comes back clear.  So for now, we're safe.  I know it's a small thing ... but it means a lot to me to not have to share while he is so critically ill. 

Oh ... wow that was fast ... by the time I finished typing that paragraph, God has already moved.  This room isn't set up for respiratory (ie not support for him if he crashes) so they are moving us to a private room! LOL Thank you Lord.

Going to go ahead and publish this now since people are wondering what is going on.  I'll start the running blog to continue after this. 

Thanks for all the support and prayers.  Please share this to as many prayer warriors as you know!  You have our permission to share this around as he needs all the prayers he can get. 

Love you all!  Thankful to have you along on this journey. 


  1. Beth, I am so sorry!! I am praying for Manny!! Please update as you can. Love & Prayers, Karen R

  2. NO!! Praying for your precious angel now.
    In Him,

  3. Father God,

    Please protect this sweet angel of yours. Lord Jesus, fill his little lungs with oxygen, allow his blood to flow freely, allow anything obstructions or anything blocking his ability to be fed to be cleared. Lord, we pray and believe that you will intervene and give wisdom and guidance to those nurses and doctors caring for sweet Manny.

    Father, we pray for his Mama and Daddy's peace as they await your healing of their baby boy. We ask this believing already that all will be well.

    In your Holy Name,


    Beth....please, if you need anything that I could help with, don't hesitate to ask. Prayers will continue to be said until Manny is safely home.

    Love ya....


  4. Beth,

    Manny is in our prayers and we pray that our Father watches over him and guides the doctors to do what he needs to have done to make him better.

    And in Jesus I pray Amen!

  5. Praying for Manny! And strength for you Beth!!

  6. Lord, Please heal Manny right now in Jesus name here on earth. Give Beth and the family strength when they are too weak to stand. Give the doctors wisdom. Let them listen to Beth and let Beth feel like she is being heard and Manny is being well taken care of. Thank you for the little things Lord like a private room. It is huge in our world. Go we know you can chose to heal him right this second and we trust Your plan God. Please, please say yes Lord, please heal him. Let them go home to play with their family and never have to see a hospital again. In Jesus name we pray. Amen


    I have no words. I can not even begin to imagine how you are feeling right now. I am sorry. So very sorry. Is there anything I can do for you? Anything? Sending hugs and prayers.

    Be blessed

  7. Praying for you on this long journey!

  8. Beth, I am praying for Manny and for you and your family!!!! I am adding all of you to my church prayer chain.

    Trish Coleman

  9. Oh my gosh! Poor baby! D:
    Lots of prayers coming your guys's way!!!
    God Bless and many prayers towards Manny for a very quick recovery and getting better!