Feb 25, 2011

It's like a class reunion or something

Uneventful night (I like that).  Other than he would CRY the whole time someone was in the room.  He was not enjoying the company.

The morning tech was one we had last year and she remembered us.  Told us we had a nurse named Betsy.  But a little while later, in walked Dana.  She looked at me and then Manny and was surprised it was us!  You see, Dana was especially sweet to us last year. She was our nurse on "the day" that Manny got his diagnosis last May.  We felt a special bond since that day.  We kept in touch for a while but then I lost most of my contacts on my phone so no more contact. 

She didn't immediately know the name since she knew him under his preadoptive name.  Turns out, Betsy had too many kids so she randomly took a few and got us! What are the odds of that. 

9:15 we headed to the procedure to get the gjtube replaced.  It was scheduled for 10am.  All the techs, nurses and etc down there immediately recognized us and were coming to see our happy baby.  Only ... last time he was a happy baby.  This time he's a grump!

He started acting very strange.  Lethargic again.  I asked her to do his blood sugar.  145.  Hmmm.  That's not it.  So what is it?  Then I noticed his heart rate was in the mid 80's.  Which for MOST people would be great.  But his resting rate is usually about 120 and he was crying so... should have been higher.  I have no clue why it was doing this.  But eventually, it went back to range and he was acting normally again. 

Finally took him back at 11:25. 

I ran to the cafeteria and grabbed some lunch.  Chicken parmesan and broccoli and bread.  And for those who know me, yes, the broccoli was the best part of the meal! :)  Then I headed to the waiting room.  I sat in a corner where there is still some phone service but also where I could see down the hallway when the wheeled him out.  It was out of the way so I could be unnoticed too. 

But ... it's like a class reunion there.  Apparently, it's not just Manny who is memorable as they remember me even when he's not with me. 

First I saw Mary Beth ... a great tech from last week.  She's a grandma type who was there for the procedure when his stomach didn't empty and he was retching and having a hard time. 

Next was the Chaplain Molly.  She was like, "Weren't you just here?" 

And then wouldn't you know it ... Dr. Cartaya walked by.  He of course inquired about the situation and why he wasn't our doctor.  I told him the ER said his service wasn't available.  To which he said, "Uh, yes it is."  And he told me that it is ALWAYS available. 

They expeted the procedure to be about 20-30 minutes.  So imagine my stress level going up as it hit 1pm and he still wasn't out.  By 1:15 he was out and apparently he is just difficult.  He was mildly sedated so he wasn't traumatized (thankfully).  But no complications.  Then we headed up to recovery.  All still fine. 

Back to the room 2pm.  (Again, I was thrilled that I learned my lesson last time .. this time I had shoes, purse, food, drink, sweater.) 

Dana got him all hooked up to feeds. 

forgot to post this, from the waiting room at the ER

Doc came in and said that if his labs look good today and he tolerates feeds, he can go home tomorrow.  His white count has to be in range as well as his Co2 before we can go home. 

Lab tech eventually came ... and within an hour ... the lab called ... he has a critically low potassium level now. Dropped since yesterday. I KNEW there was something "off". And now his blood sugar is too high. Co2 within range and WBC coming down. This COULD delay our departure.  They are giving him a potassium drip (already started it) and will retest in the morning. 

I mentioned earlier to the Doc that his heart rate was "off" and this must have been it. 

Kids and Dan came to visit.  The poor baby was miserable basically the whole time they were here.  Seems like he's in a lot of pain but not sure where.  I started venting him (farrell bag) and gave him Tylenol.  Then he had a pretty good blow out diaper or two and he cheered up just in time for visiting hours to be over. 

They brought us his DVD player and his favorite ... Little Einstein videos.  He's happily watching that now. 

And on the way out, Dan told me that our a/c in the house just died and will be very expensive to repair. $1500.  Ugh.  It's been hitting over 80 degrees so that's not going to cut it.  We don't have the money though to fix it right now (waiting for tax return or for Dan to get a closing, whichever comes first.) So we're suddenly praying for cooler temps. 

One day at a time.  That's all I can get my head around.

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