Feb 10, 2011

GI Fired. GI Hired. ahhhh

It was a looooong night.  Baby was very uncomfortable, screaming often and not able to get comfortable.  At one point, I just woke him up and we watched a tv show.  (Better than the screaming and it takes his mind off his issues.)  But the doctor didn't order the right breathing meds and equipment so during the night, I heard him getting worse and worse.  Struggling to breathe.  And no pulse ox to see if he was desatting. 

So I had plenty of time to pray.  Exhausted, most of my prayers were just "HELP".  I was feeling high anxiety about seeing and confronting the GI this morning.  To the point where I was hoping he wouldn't show up.  Meanwhile, my girlfriends were convincing me to fire him anyway. (Thanks guys, you know who you are!)

By the time we got up this morning, I was asking God specifically for someone to come through my door that would help me, navigate me through this.  Dr. Knight came specifically to mind but I know it's not possible for her to see us.  (She has helped in the past and is familiar with us and his case as she is the Palliative care doc.) 

Guess who walked in?  Dr. Knight.  She says, "I am not here as his doctor, just as a friend."  And I immediately began telling her the situation and that I needed help!  We discussed our best options and how to fire the admitting doctor, get Manny what he needs.  She walked me through the steps.  It would be sticky but doable. 

So we did it.  Fire the doctor.  Get a new one.  Presto changeo.  The nursing team, the social worker, every one on board to make this happen easily.  They worked very hard to do it and they did. 

Before the original GI even showed up to know he was fired, the new GI was already in our room discussing the problem! 

So I'm done with that guy, never have to see him again.  I feel an elephant sized weight off my shoulders. 

The new GI.  Dr. Arasu.  (Dr. A.) came in and asked what is going on.  I told him the current symptoms and he asked all the relevant questions.  He "got it".  I didn't have to press for anything.  Just did his job! 

From simple to complex, there could be a variety of problems.  He wants to work step by step.  Works for me.  As I type this, I'm waiting for radiology to come get us.  They will do an Upper GI and a stomach emptying study.  I'll tell more about those when we get the results.  When we get back from those tests, they will start him back on feeds.  Slow drip to start.  With a new formula. 

It could be as simple as the formula.  (I have a feeling it's more than that but it's worth a shot!)  Then if that doesn't work and the xrays aren't showing the problem, they will do the next steps of scoping him and so forth. 

I feel so relieved!  My baby is as sick as he has been but now someone is on the case.  Someone understands that this is a GI issue.  That this is dangerous.  That this must be dealt with.  (I've been trying to convince the other one since last JULY! ... another blog another time about how I must be slow to get things.) 

So God directly answered a prayer today.  Very exactly.  He sent the exact person who could navigate me.  Someone I knew and knows me and Manny and knows this hospital's procedures and our options. I hugged Dr. Knight and told her she was an answer to a specific prayer!

About an hour later, I got to be an answer to someone's prayer.  The new respiratory therapist and I were chatting and she asked if I could share.  She shared something with me (because I'm a pastor's wife and a believer) that she hadn't been able to tell anyone.  She told me and then felt hugely relieved.  It wasn't something horrible, just made her feel better to share it.  And on her way out, she hugged me and told me I was an answer to prayer.  As she hugged me, I took the chance to say a quick prayer over her situation and for healing for her daughter. 

God is so cool. 


  1. So nice to read you are finally getting some answers and have found a doctor who cares.

  2. This seriously is us a couple months ago. I am glad you got the right dr. We had a GI that refused to believe our son had delayed gastric emptying among other things. We also had a test scheduled for 6 months from now. I fought, hard, and we had the test today, an endoscopy. We as moms have to fire people sometimes, we have to raise our voice at times and we have to get it done because our children matter most to us.

    Be blessed