Feb 24, 2011

Sloooow afternoon ... probably a good thing

Manny took a short nap and woke up screaming.  I'm having the hardest time calming him down.  I have no clue the problem.  Distraction works for a while but not long.  (Not like him.)  He's saying "Owie" but can't tell me where.  So very frustrating. 

Maybe he is just "over it".  He keeps telling me "All done" like he does the techs and nurses.  Maybe it means "All done at the hospital."  I am with him on that one!

POSSIBLE we could go home tomorrow.  IF he stabalizes his labs more. 

7:40 pm ... nothing has happened all afternoon. Guess I should consider that a blessing.  Means he's stable.  Other than the crying easily and SCREAMING if someone walks in the door, it's been quiet.  Hoping we get a good night sleep tonight. 

half heartedly saying "cheese"


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