Feb 18, 2011

Attention home: get ready, here we come!

Big deep breath.  The pulmonologist came in and said he sounds fine.  Xray was not pneumonia, just something from the virus he must have had.  He is coughing a bit but it's loose and high.  So he cleared us for discharge. 

engrossed in the tv show
 The GI said if he tolerates feeds (which he is), we are cleared for discharge.

Now we just wait for Dr. Cartaya.  He already told me yesterday he would clear us without any new fever (which he hasn't had).  But he'll be the one to write up discharge papers.  And he usually rounds early afternoon. 

As I reflect back on this time in the hospital ... 9 days.  I am thankful for many things.  First, my baby gets to come home with me.  That's not always a 'given'.  He is eating and not retching.  His heart rate is stable (still high but stable).  We have a GI team who is completely on board with making him get better.  We were well cared for (after I fired the original GI that is).  We have shared our story to tons of people and many people are touched by the love of God through our testimony.

I am thankful he didn't lose any ground this time.  Sometimes he loses cognitive or physical ground during a stay.  But this time, he has made strides forward.  He is way more verbal now than when he came in.  (Maybe his pain was slowing down his mental processes.)  But he often says 2 word sentences.  He is interactive with others (like answering their questions) and not just with me.  He impresses people with his cognitive function!

my view during naptime
And finally ... I am thrilled that he is now (seemingly) pain free.  He slept the past 3 nights like he did before this all started.  He sleeps through the night (except for 1-3 times he asks to be rotated).  There were many, many weeks leading up to this where he was just plain miserable.  Now I have a team where if he is miserable again, they will see us and take care of it best they can and not ignore us.  So I'm hopeful we won't have any more of those episodes.  (Looking back, I realize we've had MANY MANY starting back in about June of last year.)  But hopefully no more.  And if we do, we won't be ignored. 

I have decided what to do about the ex GI.  I will tell our pediatrician the diagnosis and ask her to call him and tell him.  I want him to know.  Not expecting him to do anything about it.  Just want him to know he missed this and maybe by knowing that, he might not miss the next one.  This brings closure to me knowing he will be told.

Hopefully the next blog will be from home. 

Now on to the next adventure ... the piles of laundry, dishes, paperwork, etc that are certainly piling up at home.  

12pm Dr. Cartaya did his official "clearing him for discharge" thing.  I taught Manny to say "Home" today.  And he said, "Hi Doc."  And I said say, "Home" and he did on cue!  I told Dr. C that I did that in case he wasn't convinced, that it would pull his heart strings.  He said, "Not needed.  They already are."  I told him that if ever we are admitted again that we will call him on the way and avoid all that unnecessary stuff at the beginning.  He said he thought that was a great idea.  As he left, he again hugged me.  I told him, "I sing your praises everywhere and often."  And he said, "And I sing yours."  

Now we just wait for Dr. Cuenca (GI) to come in with the final discharge orders and scripts.  He is on a different formula, new meds and will need a few other new things with this new set up. 

Meanwhile, Sam got picked as "Terrific Kid" from his class for the month and the ceremony is today at 1pm.  Dan is going there, it takes about an hour, he will pick up the kids from school and then head over here to pick us up.  That should put him here about 3:15pm.  Hopefully that timing will work well with everyone. 

4pm Doc finally showed up.  5pm nurses were finally ready with discharge orders.  Ugh.  The boys and Zoe were getting restless so Dan took them outside to play.  Kaley stayed with me to entertain Manny.  I got him all dressed and ready to go.  And just stood in the doorway was a hint.  :)

He's patting his chest saying, "This is Manny"

5:30 finally in the car and ready to head home.  Swing by McDonalds for $1.99 happy meals and the sweet tea I've been craving! 

6:25 at the pharmacy near the house where they do compounding for the new scripts.  Have 3 (1 is most important).  Decided to go home and get settled and not wait for it. 

6:50 Home and unpacking.  Baby is giddy to be home!  Me?  Shocked at how nice the house looked! 

7:15 Pharmacy calls and don't have the most important Rx ... calling around.  Won't have until tomorrow and they won't have it, it will be at the competitor. 

Homework, pack lunches, get kids settled for bed. 

10pm Dan walks the baby around the block in the stroller since he's not been out in like 2 weeks.  (It was 57 when he left.)  And baby fell asleep in minutes. 

Put to bed ... and he slept through the night.  Our baby is back!  Seems to have the problem fixed.  Can't tell you how much of a relief that is. 

Now we hit the ground running. 


  1. I'm so glad your baby is home. Praying he continues to improve in all areas. Hugs

  2. So happy you are home, happy baby slept, happy your house looked nice. Ahhhhh..... now you can exhale. :)