Apr 20, 2011

Boring day ... to excitement in a moment!

Decent night's sleep ... for a hospital.  He is still tortured by all the breathing treatments.  Now even the ones that he used to tolerate are causing a lot of problems and stress. 

But the good news is ... he needed NO oxygen all night.  About 6am he started having troubles but due to him not being able to cough enough. 

So when the Pulmonologist came in, he cleared us for discharge!  Yippee .... BUT ...

I have a feeling GI will not clear us yet.  (His c-diff is NOT under control.)

So that is the definition of irony.  Respiratory conditions brought us to the hospital.  Treatment worked for Respiratory but caused GI problems.  Now those will keep us here.  (GI will be by later to determine plan of action.) 

Thanks Rich and Elsa, he loves his new bunny.  He say "buh-e" and can ALMOST push the button himself.

A treat for the day was a harpist came by.  He was so funny.  Every time she would stop playing, he would say, "Go" and do his own made up sign for harp.  (You know how they play their fingers across the strings?  He would do that with one had and say, "Play".)  He was dancing and having a blast.  Who gets serenaded by harps??  Manny.  That's who. 

They brought him a little maraca and he can go to town on that too. 

Then we played bubbles and blocks with the Child Life lady. 

Now we're chillin' ... trying to keep ourselves entertained.  I guess I never realized how entertaining he finds the kids! Even if they're not playing WITH him, he watches them.  Apparently, I'm boring.  (Shock, I know.)

The Infectious Diseases doc came by and said he has no reason to keep him here.  Ran a chest xray (waiting for the results), will run a CRP (test for infection) and then it's up to GI but ... there's hope of going home again!

And his new favorite phrase today?  "I did it! Yay!" 

5pm ... you'll never guess what they said ...


Still take a few hours but we're outta here! 


  1. So happy to hear you're on the way home. That little guy...he is so cute. Hugs

  2. Oh Yay!! Mannys going home! Hooray! Now no more hospital stays for at least a year! :)

    Be blessed


  3. PTL!!! He is growing up so much! I'm sorry to hear you were back at the hospital but very glad you've been sent home!!!!