Apr 17, 2011

Hello old friends

Let's see if I can summarize quickly the current Manny situation.  In one sentence:  We are back in the hospital. 

If you want more details of how we landed here ... after yesterday's blog was written and sent, Manny got worse again.  Before 10pm he was in and out of respiratory distress ... and was all night.  There was about an hour where I couldn't get is pulse ox to go over 85 (with oxygen on).  It was a long, hard night. 

Today, his vital signs were improving but he looked generally "sicker" than the day before.  It was pretty pitiful watching him go in and out of sleep, just feeling so blah. 

I called my Pediatrician and we talked for a while and bounced around the idea of staying home versus going to the hospital.  She ultimately left the decision up to me but suggested that if he desatted again that we should go.  She also suggested I call the pulmonologist.  He said go to the ER. 

His numbers were looking good so we decided we would just do watchful waiting. 

By afternoon nap, he started to slip in respiratory distress again.  (Mild).  So we went. 

Ironically, the same Triage nurse was there.  The Same ER doc was there.  (That helped so we didn't have to start from scratch.)  The ER doc listened to his chest and said it did sound more congested than yesterday.  He ran a new chest xray.  He called the pulmonologist and they were only talking for about 1 minute and decided to admit him.  Then it was just waiting around for a room to be ready. 

Once we were headed up to the room, we started knowing everyone.  The techs, nurses, charge nurse ..everyone.  Well hello old friends. 

They ran a whole bunch more tests, gave him a whole bunch more new meds, breathing treatments, etc.  They're not taking this lightly (which I appreciate).  We won't know any of the results until tomorrow though. 

As I type this, it's 10:30pm and he's snoring beside me (he never snores unless he's sick).  I can hear it "crackle".  His pulse ox started at 100 (while crying) but is now teetering between 90-93.  We're about to need oxygen.  (Which I'd prefer NOW than fight for it at 2am or something ... all you long timers will remember THOSE horror stories.)  .... ooops, it just hit 65.  Going to get the nurse to get the oxygen set up.

Sadly, I have this hospital thing down now.  I know what words to use/avoid.  I have friends as nurse and techs.  I know all the specialists.  And all that makes me feel so much better, well taken care of. 


  1. I am glad that the folks remember you, take you seriously and genuinely seem to *care*. A tender mercy from God.

    Praying for your night. For sleep. And answers in the morning. Love and prayers ...

  2. Storming the gates of Heaven for Manny and you, Beth. Love from Michigan!