Apr 29, 2011

Beach Bums

We are back ... we headed to a very much needed Spring Break. 

The kids had the week off of school so we headed an hour around the corner to the beach and got a beach house right on the water.  I have many, many pictures to upload but not the energy to do it tonight.  These are the ones from my phone.   

We had a wonderful time.  Manny wasn't the biggest fan of sand to begin with but he dealt with it and then eventually got the hang of it.  We played golf, went on a boat and hung out at the beach. 

And yes, Manny is feeling much better.  We got out of the hospital and had only one day of turn-around before we headed to our vacation.  (We had no internet, so no way to blog there.) 

I dug him a chair out of sand... worked great!

I know the face doesn't show it ... but he LOVED this.  We are going to need to find one of these that holds a bigger kid.  A GREAT way to travel when you can't use the stroller.

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  1. As far as baby carriers, as my kids got older and/or bigger and heavier I (and eventually my husband, but he only discovered how much easier it was after he realized I could carry our son more comfortably for longer when I was pregnant using a wrap than he could with a more traditional backpack carrier), I found that the baby wraps were the most comfortable. They came with a large STEEP learning curve, but after you got past putting the kid on (I can do it myself, my husband needs help to get situated), it is much more comfortable. Now I don't like the stretch material (like a Moby) but a non stretchy type of material. If you google or YouTube, you can find a bunch of videos of how to use the material to use front, back or side carries (for the most part, I only use carries that the weight is over both of my shoulders).

    As for premade ones, the ERGO seem to be a great one (although expensive). I think it is recommended to use with kids up to 45 lbs, but tested to 90 lbs (most people just don't want to carry 90 lbs kids like that).