May 1, 2011

Beach bums part 2

Pictures are posted as promised.  I know many of you also are "friends" on Facebook so you have access to the album there but some are not and for those, here is the album I just posted on there with some of the basic pictures from our vacation.

Spring Break Photo Album

We usually stay in a high rise condo and have to walk to the beach.  But this time, we decided to stay in a beach house ON the water.  Literally only a few steps out and we were at the Gulf of Mexico.  Most days we got up late, got breakfast and hit the shore.  By midday (i.e. prime sunburn time) we would head in for lunch and time to play with toys.  Then back out late afternoon until dinner time.  The kids slept really, really well.

We also went to mini golf 2 times.  And everyone (except Manny of course) got at least one hole in one!  Dan went on one of the days with us and had to work the other time we went golfing.  We don't play ... we carry Manny and keep everyone focused and on task.  (quite the job as you can imagine).

One of the golf places had baby gators to feed.  That was really neat.  Being from Florida, we see them in the wild all the time but this was the first time we were able to feed them.  (It's illegal in the wild.)  You put this stuff that looks like dog treats on a fishing pole looking thing and put it over.  Then they jump to get the food.  Even behind the fence, it's still a rush to see them JUMP.  Manny was quite impressed.

Then on the last day, we packed up and were headed home.  We had wanted to rent a boat during the last one or two days there ... but the winds from the Tornados north of us were causing high/rough seas.  So we missed that chance.  But ... as we were driving away from the beach house, we saw a boat rental sign.  We passed it for a few miles and then decided ... what the heck ... and drove back.

We spent 3 hours on the boat and the kids could have spent 3 days on it.  Manny's first boat ride but the rest have been on many.  There was a small sand bar where they even got out and caught HUGE crabs (not for eating ... ewwww) and all sorts of other creatures.

It was the perfect way to end a vacation.

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  1. sounds wonderful. Where were yall? I would love to hear about the beach house and all. someday I pray to do that :)