May 3, 2011

God Sets the Lonely in Families

Psalm 68:6  "God sets the lonely in families" (NIV).  Isn't that amazing?

One of the ways He does that is through adoption.

For more than a decade, He's shown me personally the plight of the orphan.  First in the US foster care system.  I worked hard.  I set up support groups.  I became a speaker and trainer for this set of orphans. I advocated for that world.  I still do.

Then it was through international adoption (China specifically).  I got involved, got supplies, went, held the kids. Cried.  Saw a lot.  Still involved.  (Because once you SEE something, you can't "unsee" it.)

And recently, I've been shown the needs of the kids with profound special needs and those with terminal diagnoses.  My heart has been broken at the suffering I've seen.

A few have found their ways to families.
Most have not.

Like this morning, I got a call about a 6 month old biracial micropreemie who is still in the hospital.  He NEEDS a family.  No one knows how profound his special needs.  No one knows the extent of the damage done by being born too soon.  No one knows how far he'll go in life.

And yet he needs a family.

One that will love him unconditionally.  Forever.  However long that might be.

Before Manny, I couldn't understand fully what that means.  What that looks like.  It seemed to huge to consider.

But now ... I see things from a completely different point of view.  I know there must be a family out there who is willing to take the leap of faith.  To love him no matter what.  To give him every chance at life.

I'm sure there is someone who has felt that nudge of wanting to do MORE.  Wanting to make a difference in the world.

And just like Manny ... he needed a family.  He needed prayers.  He needed miracles.  He got them.

This little boy needs a chance at a family too.  He needs prayers.  He needs miracles.

And maybe you're not equipped to adopt a special needs child.  There is still plenty you can do.  You can advocate for these special little ones.  You can pray.  You can stand in the gap.  You can find a local family with special needs kids and "adopt" them.  (Trust me, from the inside of one of these families, we could use a LOT of support!  I have TONS of ideas of ways to help!!)

My point? 

Keep your eyes open.  
Keep your hands open.  
Keep your heart open.  
You never know how God will fill them.  

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