May 25, 2011

Hap-E Birfday to Youp Zoe, age 6

6  years ago today (give or take a few days), a little princess was born.  I've wondered about her birthmother's reaction to see the cleft face (and other obvious "deformities").  I wonder if she knew before the birth or not until then.  I've wondered if she was young and unmarried or maybe married and thrilled to be having a baby.  Who knows.

I've also wondered about the next few days and how the decision went to take her to a place and leave her.  Who did it? Was it hard?

They do not know how long she was in this "finding place" before someone found her.  (It is only by the Grace of God that she was found ... she was not left in a "traditional" place.)

She eventually was taken to a poor Orphanage and was TINY.  With such a severe cleft, it was difficult to feed her.  She wasn't doing well.

A wonderful Chinese lady (Hannah) was assigned to go to the orphanage that day and get a baby to take to China Care Children's Home.  She picked Zoe.  She probably saved her life that day.  And by the Grace of God, I have had the honor to meet and become friends with Hannah.  (Who but God could orchestrate such a thing?)

Once she arrived there, she was nursed to health, given surgeries and then placed with a wonderful loving foster family.

She spent most of her first year with her.  By the Grace of God, I've been able to meet her too.  And even go to her house!  (Again, who but God?)

Her last day with this foster family was her 2nd birthday.  3 weeks later, we went to pick her up.

Before I got her, I wrote a song called ""One Day"  .  And once she came home, I put that song to pictures of Zoe.  If you want to see it ... Here is "One Day"

On her 3rd birthday, she was with us.  Our first birthday together.  That morning, before we were even out of PJs, I told her it was her birthday.  She started singing her own version of Happy Birthday.  I grabbed the camera and caught  THIS  ... and in case you don't understand a 3 year old born in China with a cleft lip and palate, she is saying, "Happ-E Birfday to Youp"~  LoL

Now today, I put this picture (below) as my Facebook picture.  It's the earliest picture we have of her.  You can tell she is tiny and frail.  Today, a friend (who has been to China) said she's seen this shirt before.  I asked when and she said last summer that a little boy arrived and he was so tiny that their regular clothes didn't fit on him.  They found THIS shirt in the back of the clothing bin.  

Zoe in the shirt ... about age 3 weeks. 
Apparently this little guy needed the same shirt last summer (I was told it was one of the few outfits small enough for him).  So while I don't know who this little guy is exactly, I feel the need to pray extra for him.  Join me will you?

Just for perspective of how tiny he is and how tiny Zoe was.  

These are just a VERY few ways God has been involved with this little girl since before her birth.  We are blessed beyond belief to be her parents.

Happy 6th Birthday sweetheart!

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  1. Happy Birthday Zoe! I held you and loved on you in China (@CC) and I'm so happy that I get to know you now. You are special and you are loved. May the coming year bring you lots of special surprises and happy moments. :)