May 8, 2011

Zoe landed in the right place

I realized, I never filled everyone in on the continuing saga of the Zoe story. 

So for a recap first ... Zoe was having some issues at school.  I met with the Guidance Counselor and Teacher.  I decided to give her a few days off of school to let us figure out what to do.  I never told the school what I was thinking during that time, I was waiting to let the dust settle a bit.  During that time, the baby ended up back in the hospital.  (That's where I left off telling the story.)

While we were in the hospital with Manny and Zoe was at home from school, I got a call from the Principal asking if I would like to move Zoe to another teacher's classroom.  Now you have to know ... this was exactly what we were hoping for but I had not told anyone that.  Turns out, the Guidance Counselor and the Principal decided based on facts that they knew (i.e. without any of my observations/opinions or Zoe's point of view), that moving her would be best.  The Principal said, "Maybe a change of scenery would be best for everyone." 

Of course we agreed!

That all happened on the Wednesday while I was in the hospital.  And that was the day that we thought for SURE we would have to stay longer but they discharged us late that night.  Then the whirlwind began. 

That Thursday I flew through packing for the vacation.  Friday we headed to Spring Break (and had no internet in the beach house). 

So last Monday, Zoe started with her new class and new teacher.  (She looks 12 by the way.)  I spoke with the teacher after class that day and she said there were no problems.  She sounded surprised.  I told her I was not.  She said, "I will be the third opinion."  (Meaning that I thought Zoe was fine, the previous teacher thought Zoe was a problem.)  I was welcoming of that challenge!! 

On the way home, Zoe said, "There was a kid who made a mistake and the teacher said, 'That's OK, you can have another chance.'  She didn't even get mad mom."  WOW!  That was her first reaction.  Amazing, huh?  Zoe was genuinely shocked that the teacher didn't yell and lose it. 

That day, she got a new folder.  She was very proud of it.  And she pulled her old folder out of the backpack and asked if she could burn it.  (Not something we've EVER done ... burn something.)  But I thought this would be a wonder therapeutic thing for her.  So I let her. 

Long story short, Zoe finished her first week of school with the new teacher HAPPY. There were no troubles. No meltdowns. The teacher says she is a joy (like she is for us). Phew!  At the end of the first week, Zoe said, "My new teacher knows I am a good girl." 

We've noticed that Zoe has even gotten calmer at home again too.  She doesn't seemed as stressed. 

There are only 5 weeks left of school ... but I am so glad we made the move.  Sad we didn't know before what was going on or we would have moved her MUCH sooner. 

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