May 22, 2011

Birthdays times 2

Maybe I should continue my audition/application for the Real Mommies Show.  Last night we had company and by the time we got to bed, it was very, very late.  Manny is struggling with a cough (we're monitoring round the clock to hopefully keep it from going to pneumonia again lest I get to go back to the hospital).  As a result, he's sleeping IN our bed where I can prop him better, rotate him more frequently and help him as he starts to cough/choke. 

Very early this morning I was having a dream that I was about to throw up.  I was a pretty realistic dream.  Finally woke up and realized, *I* had to throw up.   I barely made it to the bathroom in time.  (Other flu like conditions accompanied it and I'll leave it at that.)  Crawled back to bed and couldn't believe it ... Manny slept until 11am.  Seriously!  NEVER has he done that.  I know I needed the sleep and it was probably good for him to have the extra sleep considering whatever it is he's fighting. 

But the flu conditions continued.  The other kids had slept in too (thankfully), had made themselves bowls of cereal and were watching TV.  They were a bit worried about us they said since it was so late.  I eventually drug myself out of bed about noon.  Dan made brunch. 

Why didn't I just stay in bed?  Today is party day.  This year for the first time, we've decided to do a combined party for Luke (who turned 8 on May 9) and Zoe (who will turn 6 on May 25).  And that day is today.  People are coming.  Cakes are baked.  Presents are bought.  I'd have TWO very disappointed kids on my head. 

I convinced Dan to take all the kids to the park around the corner.  It's shady so they won't melt in this heat.  They need to run some steam off.  And I can decorate these cakes in half the time without "help".  I'm all about the kids helping ... and they do ... all the time.  But this time, I didn't have the energy to let them. 

Zoe wanted the Lego Cake. 

Luke wanted a self-portrait. 

Hope they like them.  (Luke was very specific about how he wanted it to look including the "chicklet" teeth!

The kids decorated the wall.  They hung the happy birthday sign.  They put 6 yellow streamers (Zoe's age and favorite color).  And 8 green streamers (Luke's age and favorite color).  They cut out a 6 and an 8.  Then they made their names out of streamers.  I think it looks very festive!

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