Apr 2, 2011

Picture Day

Pure joy

Saying "cheeeeeeese"

My studious boy

Kaley's new reading glasses (She's very happy about them!)

Lizard Earring ... yes, it's live. Yes, she caught it herself

He's a lefty! He can draw lines and circles. Has an amazing pincer grip!


  1. WOW! It's amazing to see Manny drawing!!! He's growing up so much.

  2. Look at him drawing...so precious. And your daughter...oh my is she beautiful. Love the glasses. Hugs

  3. My daughter would be so jealous of your daughter and her new glasses. She wants glasses so much I think shes praying for bad eye sight lol. She comes away very disappointed after every eye exam. lol.

    Manny looks good. How is he doing? How are you? I hope all is well. Noah is doing so well I cant believe it! He is tolerating bolus feeds at 180 which is just amazing. He also hasnt retched for 2 weeks!! Yay!!!

    Hope all is well. Have a blessed day.

    Be blessed