Apr 18, 2011

Double Pneumonia

All through the night, I was reminded of various Psalms written by King David.  Mostly things like, "Why aren't you hearing me?" and "my bed is wet from weeping".  and similar such sentiments. 

Manny and I have spent many nights together in the hospital.  Many have been bad.  We're in a hospital, not a hotel afterall.  We are here because the baby is sick.  Most times it's because of the people coming in and out and doing things to him.

Last night was different.  He YELLED all night.  Not exactly "screaming in pain" like I say so many times we have with him.  This was just plain out YELLING.  M-A-D.  Nothing I did worked.  He just lost it and couldn't get it together.  No amount of comforting, playing, TV, music, toys, worked ... nothing.  From 12:30am-5:45 am he YELLED.  He barely took a breath it seems. 

I'm sure I've had one, but in my sleepy, rattled state, I can't remember a worse night sleep.

As I type this, it's 6 and he's partially distracted by the TV I just turned on and partially yelling.  I am clueless how to help him. 

Now physically ... sometimes it stinks to be right.  Today is one of those days.  I told the ER doc I thought he had pneumonia but then the chest xray didn't show that Saturday.  I had the nerve to tell the same ER doc my opinion again on Sunday and sure enough, Sunday's chest xray showed definite double pneumonia.  Thankfully my pulmonologist took me seriously and started him on the meds for pneumonia, even before the xray came back. 

Now we're waiting for the viral panel to come back to see if the virus can be identified.  Meanwhile, they took bacterial cultures on Saturday.  They initially came back negative but the true test is 3 days so we're waiting for that as well. 

Oh, and I think you all remember Manny was positive for c-diff back in February.  (A gift from that hospital stay.)  After 3 rounds of Flagyl, he still tested positive 2 weeks ago.  The GI decided not to readminister meds, seeing if the body can fight it for itself.  They will repeat this test again today once he can give a "sample". 

The ONLYgood news I can think of about him having this is ... we again won't get a roommate.  :)

10am and the Pulmonologist was just by.  He was quite concerned at his numbers and how quickly he went down hill.  I think we're here for a while.  And ::Shudder:: he just mentioned the cough assist. (I mention this horrible machine in a past post ... HERE)

I need to finish this post because we just got news ... of his diagnosis from the muscle biopsy!!  Stay tuned.  (Must tell Dan before I tell the whole world.)


  1. Not moving until the next update. Praying continuously. You are strong enough,Beth. And Manny is a marvel and a miracle.