Apr 16, 2011

My Life is Not Boring

My life is not boring.

How’s THAT for an understatement?!?

After a long, emotionally draining day with Zoe, I was ready for a good night sleep. Manny had other plans. Starting at dinner time, he was retching over and over and over. He was having a hard time catching his breath between. Pulse ox was showing his heart rate 120’s when just sitting there but would go up to 160’s during retching.

Finally went to bed and he screamed most of the night. He was also doing this weird gurgling thing. It was very scary.

at the ER ... starting to feel a bit better

About 7:30 we put him in a chair at the foot of our bed and turned the TV on so we could get at least some sleep. I faded in and out until about 9am when I got up and felt him and he had a fever 101.2. He was no longer retching or screaming but he had a pretty bad cough. (High in his throat, not down low like pneumonia.)

Over the next few hours, things got bad. His heart rate was skyrocketing. It was hitting over 215 and staying there. He even fell asleep (with oxygen on) and his oxygen saturation plummeted (with triple the amount of oxygen we usually get by the end). He would be sound asleep and then the monitor would show his heart rate go from 175 or so up to over 215 (still asleep). Pain would then wake him up and it would stay up.

His breathing was very erratic. Respiratory rate so high I couldn’t count it basically. His chest wasn’t rising and falling right with the breaths either.

We’d been praying about it and left a message with a doc. I then got on Facebook and asked friends to pray. I called my parents and they immediately prayed with their church.

Our Doc called and said we needed to go to the ER and that she’d called ahead to let them know we’d be on our way. We packed up my stuff and Manny’s stuff in case we needed to stay over night. I had the 5 other kids pack up an overnight bag for my Mom’s house. She came and got them and we rushed to the ER.

By the time we got there, he’d stopped the weird breathing and his heart rate was staying around 175. We even debated whether we should take him in at all since he was improving. But He was still 103 plus fever, horrible cough and elevated heart rate. I didn’t want him to have another episode and then wonder, “What if”.

Dan dropped me off at the ER and headed to a church meeting for the evening.

They did a chest xray and basic lab work. The doc looked under the baby’s bandage to see if that was a possible source of infection (from the muscle biopsy last Friday). But it was not. It looked just fine. (Just a lot longer than I expected ... I was told it would be 1 – 1 ½ inches but it is over 2.

The only thing he found “off” was the back of his throat looked very red, raw, red rash, bumps, etc. He called it “Viral Pharyngitis”.

Manny kept perking up. Motrin and Tylenol alternating still can’t keep his fever under 103 but he’s doing well considering. We have him on pedialyte. We have oxygen at home. So basically there’s nothing they can do for him that we can’t do at home. So they discharged us. Yippee!!

I still have a very sick little baby on my hands. But … whatever was happening earlier today is GONE. Praise God! I have a feeling that God healed him of that. It was like a lightswitch as soon as I started asking others for prayer. And I am very grateful.

Dan was still in a meeting so a friend came by and picked us and and took us home.  9:30pm finally home and he is back asleep. 

Now … hoping that Manny got the Memo about the good night sleep tonight. No more scaring Mama!

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