Oct 13, 2009

Full panic mode - Help wanted!

(Please excuse my "dust" as I remodel the blog.)

Many of you have offered to help in some way.  I'm in need of help and support.

Looks like I'll be headed to Beij*ng and Taiyu*n in November.  Yes, that's right.  NOVEMBER.  Can you say "full panic mode"?  I don't have flights, hotels, guides, drivers, details, funds, donations to take, etc.  Yet I'm still trying to pull this off.

I'm talking with directors of several different organizations who have been great about extending their help to me.  Several of them have offered to give me any info I could want if I could just get there.  So I'm working on it.

Many of you have offered to collect donations to take with us.  If you want to collect a few things and ship them to me, that would be great.  As you know, the winters in Northern China are brutal so we can use warm things.

Cleft bottles are also high on the list if you have any of those hanging around.

I'll try to put up a full list of "needed" items in the next couple of days ... but it's the basic list that's always needed.  (list will be linked on http://www.destinyshouse.com/shoes.html )

I know most of you aren't in a position to donate money and I completely understand that.  But if you are, you can donate via check or paypal.  (same link as above).   We're hoping to purchase some much needed things like diapers, formula, and bigger items etc that we can get in China.  That's what the money would be used for.  (And of course, any donation is tax deductible as this is a non-profit charity.)

If you are able to secure donations from other sources (such as corporations, doctors, etc.) that would be awesome as well.  It never hurts to ask!  (Like I mentioned our trip to Zoe's dentist and he donated hundreds of toothbrushes.)

I'm also in need of other types of support ... such as those of you who have offered specific support, I will need that now.  (Like those who want to write for me, etc etc.)

Oh and finally, if you have adopted from Taiyu*n SWI, I'm going to take a photo album with me with as many kids from there as possible.  (With updates on how they're doing, new photos, measurements, etc.)

So I guess I'm calling in all the support offered.

So exciting!  We're going to figure out if we can really pull this off or not.

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