Oct 17, 2009

Warning: NOT going to be a popular post

Disclaimer:  I am going to stray from the adoption topic for a day to discuss Halloween.  I feel that I need to post this ... even though I know it won't be popular.  I just feel it needs to be said and people can do whatever they choose to with the information.

OK ... here goes!

Most of my friends are Christians.  Most of these friends celebrate Halloween.  Most of them feel it is just a day for their kids to have some innocent fun, wear cute costumes and get candy.  I understand that point of view. 

Our family does NOT participate in Halloween in any way.  I do not feel it is all innocent fun. I can't get over the pagan history of the day.  It's basically just a day to celebrate witchcraft and evil in general.  There are MANY sites on this if you're interested (Just google "Halloween Origins" and you'll find plenty ... here is just one  http://www.jeremiahproject.com/culture/halloween.html).  I'm not sure why Christians feel this is OK to participate.

Daily, people ask if the kids are ready for Halloween.  To which they proudly state, "We don't celebrate Halloween."  Then people (including Christians) stare at me like I'm the worst parent on the planet!  How does this make me a bad parent that I won't let my kids dress up like Witches? 

And in case you feel my kids are all deprived, here's what we do.  After Halloween, you can get the greatest deals on costumes.  We buy princess outfits, spiderman, superman, etc.  And you wouldn't believe the deal you get on candy.  We let them wear these costumes any other day of the year besides Halloween.  And they get their fill of candy. 

OK ... I said it.  Like I said, I know this won't be popular.  And if you do Halloween, I'm not judging you and I don't expect you to defend your position.  I'm just saying ... I don't think I should be considered weird just because I don't let my kids celebrate witchcraft. 

Know where I'll be on November 1?  Picking out new play outfits for the kids and stocking up on candy. 

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  1. Popular with me! I feel the same! BC we also did Santa and I had a couple friends that I thought were "weird" for not doing it. Now that we are Christians and have a chance to start fresh with the girls, I am having a hard time with it. I go back and forth--growing up I didn't have trust issues or feel lied to, but I know our girls may have a different take on it. I also don't like how much attention Santa gets vs the real reason. DH grew up with Santa/Christmas morning as some of his best memories. BC, we left Santa prints and dropped candy from Santa. Now... I'm torn. I don't mind discussing St. Nick, but I don't want that to be our focus. Talk about getting weird looks!

    What's your take on Santa? (In case you want to be even less popular!)