Oct 11, 2010

Biggest and Littlest

10/10/10  ... what a cool date.  I only wish I had cool news to go with it.  But alas, I have an update of life in general.

Manny ... last night he had another one of his really, really rough nights.  He wasn't quite himself yesterday, not as easily consoled, etc.  He went to sleep easily last night but woke up an hour later and for the next 3 plus hours ... SCREAMED!

I would play, rock, hold, etc.  NOT trying to put him to sleep, just trying to comfort him.  Things would work or a few minutes but then right back to it.  It was the cry of pain.  Tylenol, etc. did nothing but we tried anyway.

About 1:30 he finally fell asleep.  But from then until 7am, he woke up every 5-15 minutes all night long.  Not exactly fully awake, just crying.  I would readjust his position and it would help sometimes for a few minutes then back to crying again.

This morning, I gave him to Kaley (age 10) and asked her to play with him.  I ended up sleeping for 2 hours ... the only sleep I got.  I LOVE that girl!

And then today, the baby just can't get happy for more than a few minutes at a time.  Then about 1 hour ago, he has a fever.  It's climbing.

I had the brilliant idea to go to the used kid's store and see if they had a swing big enough for him since we have nothing like that (Never needed it).  He tried out several and I left with the one that made him giggle.  I am praying it helps him sleep tonight.  And yes, I stocked up on extra batteries!   (Experienced Mom you can tell.)

Now about Jacob ... 6am we'll be headed out the door for the biopsy.  He's a bit nervous but we've talked it all through.  I think we're both anxious to get the results (2 weeks).  He'll be in the hospital overnight, observed for possible bleeding complications.  I'm hoping this hospital has internet access so we can update (not the usual hospital we go to so I don't know).

Thanks for all the prayers for both of my boys, biggest and littlest.

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