Oct 11, 2010

Jacob's Biopsy

For the past 2 weeks, we have been doing a LOT of talking.  We looked at pictures on the internet, read many articles about the kidneys and biopsies and what to expect.  All of it seemed to really help Jacob stay calm. 

I love that he is finally able to share his concerns, thoughts and feelings.  Just a few short months ago, he wasn't able to do that.  And as a mother, I do some pretty good "guessing" but it's not the same as KNOWING what is going on. 

Before the Biopsy
This morning we got up very early and my Mother and Father took us to the hospital (about an hour away to this Children's hospital).  By 9:15 he was taken back.  By 11am we were in a room. 

The Pediatric Nephrologist Dr. Perlman said all went very well.  Only had to take one small section and she said it had only one TINY bleed.  (Which is GREAT news!!) 

7pm update:  no bleeding still.  They expected at least SOME amount of blood but NOTHING!! 

So what have we done all day?  Jacob has been resting, playing Nintendo, watching movies, reading books and eating.  Me?  I've been working on the computer, channel surfing, eating. 

(We also had an unexpected visit from a friend, Rich.  Thanks for the salad and fruit (knows me well).  That ensured I didn't have to go down and pick out dinner! )

After, watching TV
 At one point I stopped everything and said, "Listen, Jacob."  And there was just perfect silence.  I don't think I've heard that in MONTHS!  No arguing, no whining, no complaining, no whirring of machines.... NOTHING.  I think they call it silence.  I think I like it. 

So we're in this new Hotel Hospital in St. Pete.  There's a huge 42 inch plasma tv for him, a smaller one for me.  It's a private room with our own shower.  We have a beautiful view of the city and the water. 

And since Jacob isn't in pain (even without pain meds!!) and no complications, this has been more like a hotel.  Seriously!  Hospitals are usually so stressful.  But today was pretty calm (once we got in the room and past the procedure).  The only part he doesn't like is that he can't get up the whole time he's here ... for any reason.  But even that, he's making the best of it. 

Jacob's favorite part???  The room service.  Seriously.  Not typical trays of hospital foods.  It's a menu.  You call up room service and order whatever the heck you want off the menu!  He is in heaven.  I'm afraid he won't want to leave in the morning.   They have a better menu than the top 10 restaurants around combined!  So much variety.  Junk food, healthy food, snacks, etc. 

And for me, I went downstairs earlier and they had chicken ceasar salad (huge) for under $5.  I couldn't eat it all. 

We realized this is the first time that he's been in the hospital since he was born.  And since I wasn't there with him then, I've never spent time with him in the hospital.  In fact, it's the first time I've spent a night alone with him.  So we're enjoying just "hanging out". 

I just asked Jacob if he would like to share anything.  He said, "Just what I'm enjoying." 
Me:  What's that?
Him:  The resting and the quiet. 

We are so very thankful for all the prayers that this go smoothly.  And we will be expecting results in about 2 weeks (which we will of course share).


  1. Oh my!!!

    What an unexpected GIFT you two have been given. A hotel-like atmosphere, good food, comfy surroundings, distractions, good food, friend, visit, rest, silence, time together and NO PAIN or bleeding.

    God loves you two very much. He gave y'all a mini-vacation under the disguise of a medical procedure. He is so funny. :D

  2. Hi Beth glad to hear the experience hasn't been to bad.. When Jordan was diagnosed with cancer he had a biopsy and tons of scans.. He liked being at Arnold Palmer because he liked the Room ser<ice, games, cable t< and the works.. He had a play room right outside his room.. it was such a great experience that was pro<ided for my child. It takes the scare out of the hospital... sending hugs and prayers. xoxox...

  3. Beth so glad that the visit was what sounds like little stress and drama. When Shawn was in for his bone craft here in WI in August we had the same experience, food service via menu, game station on demand in the room lol...and we received 2 adult meals per day. The little things but they can make such a difference.

    Praying for some good news and a blessed rest of the week for you and the family!!


  4. Anytime my kids have been in the hospital I joke that the food is actually pretty good! It sounds like you've hit the jackpot! Glad everything went well. And enjoy the rest. (and then kick my behind because I haven't mailed you the CD player yet ::smacking self in head::