Oct 6, 2010

Funny Little Baby

Tonight I was noticing that I have a lot of pictures of Manny that I haven't used yet, hoping I'd get around to a blog entry for each one.  But alas, the life of a mother of 6 (2 of which are always at the doctor it seems), who has a part time job, who takes motivational speaking engagements, etc. leaves me not as much time blogging as I would like.

Then it hit me ... I could do just a photography layout with just a small caption.  (Duh).  So hope you enjoy some random pictures of our funny little baby. 

Baby dedication day in Baseball Outfit

Look who is sitting in a buggy by himself!  Only a few minutes but he did it

And look at me sitting in a chair!

"Hensinger Collar" ... just got it but PT says we don't really need it!

Sitting independently in an Elmo chair

See? Proof he's holding his head

Wearing Mama's glasses

Goo-goo goggles like in Dr. Seuss

We be jammin'

Love how he is looking adoringly at them (not to mention sitting well)

Now you know why I am not always quick on my computer ... I have to share

Kaley rigged up this baby car so he could ride.  She's so inventive and he loved it


  1. Manny is such a cutie!!! You have a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing these, and the other lovely photos on your blog. They are wonderful!
    Wishing all of you an enjoyable Autumn season full of happiness and good fortune.

  2. OML Beth he is just to CUTE!!!
    Blessings Angie

  3. he's too adorable! Great pics.